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Born Nathan Myers
(1986-10-31)October 31, 1986
New Prairie, WI
Died June 29, 2004(2004-06-29) (first death)
October 18, 2021 (final death)
New Prairie, WI
Species Nectite, Vampire
Occupation Crime Fighter
Associates Waxgirl! (Sidekick)
Logan Myers (Partner)
Jack Ridley (Partner)
Winston Cooke (Mentor)
Carson Anders (Aid)
Family Logan Myers (father)

Gravestone is a crime fighting Nectite who protects New Prairie from the supernatural and undead.



In 1986, Nathan Myers took a dare from William Quercioli, a bully at his school, to go to Oak Park Cemetery. While there, Nathan stumbled into an open grave after William scared him. The fall broke Nathan's neck, killing him instantly. A few days later he awoke inside a brightly lit tomb deep within the catacombs of the cemetery. Scared of where, or even who, he was, Nathan attempted to flee but was only able to get to the front gate when a shooting pain crippled him. Returning to the cemetery, the pain receeded and he realized he couldn't leave. Winston Cooke, the cemetery's caretaker who recovered his body and brought him down to the catacombs, taught him lessons, and told him stories of the crime in the underbelly of New Prairie. He himself realized that the town shouldn’t just pass off the crime as a typical circumstance. So after months of training, Nathan became Gravestone, a wise-cracking, vigilante crime-fighter.

Payback With His Killer

In 1988, Gravestone confronted William Quercioli, the bully who accidentally pushed him into the open grave, ultimately killing him. Gravestone tracked him down to Talks With Cheez Pizzeria, located just a few blocks from the Derelli Towers where he scared the grown man closing up shop. Gravestone's appearance and confrontation scared a confession out of William before he blacked out, giving Gravestone the opportunity to teleport him to the local police station and leave him. He confessed to accidentally killing Nathan 2 years prior and was booked on charges for the death. Gravestone was happy to close that chapter of his life, even if he couldn't remember it, and move on.

First Confrontation With Haast

The event that caused him to lose his eye was a confrontation with Steven Haast co-owner of Haast Industries, regarding his threat of Mitchell Falcone. After staking out Haast's home, Gravestone finally confronted him before he was able to go and permanently silence Falcone at a planned meeting. The confrontation resulted in Haast fleeing the scene and Gravestone in pursuit. Soon, Gravestone caught up with his vehicle and fought in the backseat of the car until they reached Memorial Bridge where Gravestone was stabbed in the eye by Haast, lost grip, and fell out of the car. After falling out, Gravestone jumped over the railing to escape the approaching police and the waiting Haast and his wrecked car. Landing on the frozen river below, Gravestone escaped without being caught.

Midnight's Appearance

While recovering in the catacombs and hanging light fixtures to better illuminate the dark underground lair, Gravestone heard a noise somewhere in the halls close by. Grabbing his staff he slowly made his way through the halls searching for the source of the noise. Prepared to strike, he eventually found the source: a solid black cat chomping on the remains of a mouse. Disgusted that he got himself all stirred up over a cat, he turned to go back to his resting chamber when surprised, the cat was sitting looking at him from the hall he had just come down. Figuring his condition was getting the best of him, he continued past the cat and back to his room. Not more than five minutes passed and the cat showed up in his room, silent and starring. Something told Gravestone that this wasn’t any ordinary cat. When the cat started showing up every night around midnight, Gravestone decided to keep it as his own. Due to its nocturnal nature, he called it MIDNIGHT.

Gravestone's Police Connections

As Gravestone matured, so did his detective and fighting skills. Soon he was bringing many of New Prairie’s notorious criminal members down and dropping them off at the Police Station to be booked. For the first few years, no one saw Gravestone. He was just a name and a “crazy ranting” that the crooks told the police about. It wasn’t until the summer of 1993 that anyone on the police force got a good look at him. Ironically, Gravestone’s former alias’ father Lt. Logan Myers, was the one who saw him, criticized him on the way he worked but at the same time praised him for helping. After Myers left the scene, something clicked inside Gravestone’s head. Memories started pouring back in and he remembered who he was. He remembered his name, his life, how he had died, and who his father was. Wanting to go back and hug his father, he realized it had been too long and only pain would come from revealing who he was to a man who’s made peace with his son being murdered almost 8 years prior.

Damien Quidd

In 1992, working with Lt. Myers, Gravestone confronted vampire Damien Quidd and prevented him from murdering an innocent teenage girl whom Quidd was in search of, with the aid of Steven Haast, for part of a rejuvenation ceremony. Haast lied to Quidd about the girl being the correct person needed for the ceremony, he in truth did not know who Quidd was looking for, and the ceremony itself backfired sending out a wave of destruction killing Quidd's men. In the split second, before the wave killed everyone, Gravestone shoved a wooden stake he acquired into Quidd's side. The type of wood from an Abacus Plant is fatal to Vampires and slowly burned Quidd from the inside out. Gravestone took the girl to safety, to be found by the police, asked her to put in a good word for him, and left the scene.

The Truth Revealed

In 1995, Gravestone helped find Lt. Myers, who had been kidnapped by Romano Candel and held at a warehouse in town. Candel reveals to Myers that Gravestone is his long-thought-dead son Nathan. Myers refused to believe it and together he and Gravestone capture Candel and banish him as a stone statue. A few days later, Myers and Gravestone met atop the Derelli Towers where Myers realized the truth about Gravestone. Gravestone in turn told Myers that he’s sorry for staying away but depends on the cemetery to continue to live. Myers understood and they parted.

Taking Down the Dark Killer

On December 31, 1995, Gravestone helped Jack Ridley and Chelsie McKenna (whom he has no memory of ever meeting though she claims the contrary), stop the Dark Killer once and for all. Gravestone guarded the trunk belonging to the Dark Killer while Ridley and Chelsie rushed back to Jack's place to retrieve the incantation book necessary. The Dark Killer arrived, battled Gravestone, and caused damage to Gravestone. During this time, Gravestone realized that the Dark Killer might have been made in a similar way as he was during his rebirth, a result of exposure to the entities within Cambiare Rock. Before inquiring more, the Dark Killer got the upper hand but was stopped by a returning Ridley and Chelsie. The Dark Killer was banished to the alternate dimension on the stroke of midnight.

Quidd's Return

In the summer of 2000, Gravestone and Waxgirl! capture two vampires digging up bodies in Oak Park Cemetery. When they interrogate the two, they find that their boss Damien Quidd told them to recruit members. Gravestone lets them go and confronts whoever is using Quidd's name as a cover at the Lady Asta's Riverboat. Once there, Gravestone finds a very much alive Quidd, who offers him a chance to join him and his army. Gravestone turns the offer down immediately. Back in the crypt, Gravestone is captured and taken to the same cave Gravestone killed him in 1992, inside Cambiare Rock. There he’s bitten and becomes a mix-breed vampire, but soon is taken down by Waxgirl! and Jack Ridley with a stake through his chest. Upon waking, Gravestone finds that he is now alive again and no longer in the undead state he once was. He finds that his ability to port and immortal ability is also gone, as is his unknown fear of daytime. Now not tied to the cemetery to stay alive, Gravestone walks outside in the sunlight for the first time since before his death.

Gravestone's Death

In 2004, Gravestone and Jack Ridley are tipped off to Quidd's location and return to New Prairie. Gravestone confronts Quidd at his warehouse, interrupting a ceremony before its completion. Quidd, furious that Gravestone has interrupted yet another one, attacks him, and the two fight. Ridley arrives with a book of spells to temporarily remove Quidd's immortality and allow Gravestone a chance to stab him in the chest. He succeeds but before dying, Quidd pulls the stake out and shoves it into Gravestone, puncturing his lung. Quidd dies and a short time later, Gravestone suffocates before the paramedics can arrive, ultimately dying with Ridley by his side. Gravestone was buried in Oak Park Cemetery (the very cemetery he lived in) a few days later.

Alternate Dimension Gravestone

Later in 2004, a revived Damien Quidd, alongside his wife Victoria who was pulled from an alternate dimension where she lives, plan on using the same ceremony that brought her over to this dimension to bring over her world's Gravestone. Alt-Gravestone's life was very much different, having taken the route of evil and using his powers for bad instead of good. During the ceremony, however, a recently vampire-turned Jack Ridley breaks out of his spell and stops the ceremony after catching only a glimpse of Alt-Gravestone's hand reaching out of the wormhole. Alt-Gravestone has never stepped foot in our dimension.

Gravestone's Return and Last Job

Sometime between 2004 and 2021, Gravestone returned from the dead and continued where he left off, with Jack Ridley as his partner now that Waxgirl! was no longer around.

In 2021, Gravestone had a physical manifestation come to him that said his time was almost over and that he had to choose to return to the dead for good, or come to the world between life and death and help hunt rougue spirits who don't want to go one way or another. In the end, he agrees and moves on, leaving the world of the world for good.

Public Opinion

Gravestone initially worked in secret and due to his inability to be out during the daylight, many citizens of New Prairie didn't know he existed. As the years went by, Gravestone started a working relationship with the New Prairie Police Department. By working with them, the police would occasionally mention having outside help solve some more of the oddball/mysterious cases. As time went by, they eventually named Gravestone as their source of help, however, the public saw this as nothing more than a publicity stunt or a mascot created by the NPPD.

The majority of the public never truly saw Gravestone as anything more than another cop dressed up in a costume. It wasn't until Gravestone died in 2004 that people started thinking he wasn't pretending. The police held a press conference for Gravestone informing the city of his death at the hands of Damien Quidd. The funeral was held a few days later and his body was buried within Oak Park Cemetery. While this informed the public that Gravestone was in fact a real person who had died, they still didn't quite believe he was mystical and magical as the urban myth started to claim.

Appearance & Powers

Outfit & Tech

  • Long, black trenchcoat: Gravestone's signature coat is long and billowing, solid black in color, and contains numerous pockets for him to hide gadgets and equipment. In later years, after a few encounters with vampires, he installed an additional pocket that held a variety of wooden stakes for all occasions. One pocket contained the collapsed version of his staff.
  • Black undershirt, pants and shoes: 'Because nothing goes better with a black trenchcoat than black pants and shirt.'
  • Eye patch: His signature eye patch covers his left eye, which he lost in the first battle with Steven Haast.
  • Staff: Long, black metal staff with a crook in the end. His staff was given to him by Winston, as a way to cover up his terrible hand-to-hand combat skills. The staff's top later was outfitted to be removable and contained a wooden stake for emergencies. When the staff is not in use, it can shrink down to a baton size and fit easily inside an inner coat pocket.
  • Ear Transmitter: After becoming popular in the city's eye and receiving funding from the Mayor himself, Gravestone upgraded his communicator with Lt. Logan Myers to an inner ear two-way transmitter that he can both receive messages in and talk through.


  • Porting: A term coined by Gravestone, his ability to teleport between shadows as easily as taking a leisurely step. At first, was only able to port somewhere he physically had been or seen, but later on, was able to port anywhere he wanted with concentration and could even do so while in mid-air.
  • Future Visions Through Dreams: Visions would come in the form of something like mortal dreams while Gravestone 'slept'. Writing the random visions down, Gravestone later revisited them with more concentration and was able to interact with the visions and find more out about them.



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