Nathan Myers

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Nathan Myers
Born Nathan Logan Myers
(1968-10-17)October 17, 1968
New Prairie, WI
Died October 28, 1986(1986-10-28) (aged 18)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Murdered
Killer William Quercioli
Family Lt. Logan Myers (father)
School New Prairie High
Year 1983 to 1986

Nathan Myers was the original identity of Gravestone and son of Lt. Logan Myers.



In 1986, Nathan was dared by William Quercioli to spend 3 hours alone inside Oak Park Cemetery. During the dare, Quercioli planned to frighten Nathan but when the scare failed to do so, the two started fighting. Nathan, unaware he was approaching an open grave, fell into it and broke his neck. Quercioli, realizing what had happened, immediately fled the scene.

Back to Life

Nathan’s body was taken to the catacombs hidden beneath the graveyard by the caretaker Winston Cooke. The catacombs contain magic power that rejuvenated Nathan’s body and brought him back to a undead state. Winston informed Nathan that without the catacombs constant rejuvenation power, he would die within a matter of hours. Nathan vowed to get the bully who killed him and decided to stay in the catacombs, learning to fight in many different styles.

2 months later, Nathan dropped his real name and took the temporary identity of One. A few years later, he officially adopted the name of Gravestone.

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