Steven Haast

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Steven Haast
Born Steven Justin Haast
(1943-12-01)December 1, 1943
Appleton, WI
Died January 1, 2008(2008-01-01) (aged 64)
The Weaver Hotel
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Falling From Building
Occupation Owner, Haast Enterprises
Mayor of New Prairie

Steven Haast was an entrepreneur and owner of the company Haast Enterprises.


Started his first business at the age of 19 and moved to New Prairie in 1970 to set up a new business along the west bank of the Berchioli River.

Failed Deals

In 1989, Steven heard about the miraculous recovery of Clarissa Thaems at Rhenderelli Asylum. Upon looking into the events that brought about her cure, he immediately traced it back to Mitchell Falcone. Steven met with Falcone and discussed the possibilities of a joint deal for the formula. Falcone demanded from Steven a greater sum of money than he was willing to offer and the deal ended quickly. Angry about the way their conversation ended, Steven’s temper got the best of him and over the next few days sent people to bully FALCONE into giving him the formula. Falcone issued a complaint to the police about being bothered.

First Encounter With Gravestone

When the bullying didn’t work, Steven planned on out right stealing the formula from Falcone. Moments before he planned on doing it, Steven met face to face with crime fighter Gravestone, who had been closely watching his actions for the last few days. It’s during this confrontation, that the two exchanged blows to one another and resulted in Steven shoving a sharp object into Gravestone's eye, which gave him the edge long enough to knock him over the ledge of the bridge and into the water below. Steven escaped from the police who were tipped off by Gravestone moments before hand. The event left Steven with a deadly hatred towards Gravestone and vowed to enact revenge on the vigilante someday.

Stealing the Formula

In December of 1994, Steven finds through sources that Mitchell Falcone’s formula is now owned by Hazdon Industries and is being kept locked in a vault deep within the building. He hires Eugene Niron to create a diversion downtown that would draw the police to him long enough for another man to sneak in and steal the formula from Hazdon. On it’s way back to an undisclosed location, the vehicle the formula is in was hijacked and the formula itself was stolen. Those inside were murdered and the vehicle left in the middle of a corn field outside of town. A page from the formula is accidentally left behind however and Steven reacquires the page. He secretly hired a group of exceptionally talented scientists in the medical field to recreate the formula he had stolen from Mitchell Falcone.

Attempt to Change New Prairie

In October of 1995, Steven realized it was time for a change in New Prairie and started making plans to take over being Mayor of town. He contacted Vinnie Sportien in mid December and asked him to attain someone to rid the Mayor. Sportien objected, stating the Mayor was a friend of his and that he didn’t want any part of the whole ordeal. Steven retorts with a mild form of blackmail (information he acquired through sources about what Sportien truly does). Sportien still refuses and leaves.

Over the next 2 years, Steven works his way into a government candidate, standing up for certain bills and acts that the Mayor refuses to do. He gets on the public’s good side and even hires someone to shout a suggestion of running for Mayor during a all city meeting downtown in early 1998. A short time later, Steven hired Herbert Garrison to snipe Mayor Fonnerelli and later double crosses him to the police. A few months later, Steven runs for town Mayor and wins. During his time as Mayor, Steven manages to lower the overall crime and death rate in town and brings new, cleaner businesses into town.

Formula 627

After 13 years of testing, the science team hired to recreate Formula 626 finally recreates it in the lab. Steven demands that testing on animals begin immediately on the new formula, dubbed Formula 627. Over the next three months, animal testing turns out successful attempts though many have unusual side effects. Much like the original formula, while core diseases or infections are cured, strange side effects develop in every test with some more severe than others. Steven, growing tired of the animal tests, demands that they move on to human testing.


On New Years Eve 2007, after reopening The Weaver Hotel, Steven is confronted by WAXGIRL!, who had heard of his recent developments in recreating Formula 626. During their argument, Steven falls out of his penthouse window and to the ground. He's pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital a few hours later.

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