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The Dark Killer
Born Stewart Filcher
(1929-02-10)February 10, 1929
New Prairie, WI
Died January 1, 1996(1996-01-01) (aged 66)
New Prairie, WI
Species Nectite
Occupation Serial Killer

The Dark Killer is the supposed “fictitious” force that lurks within the woods around New Prairie.



The person behind the Dark Killer is claimed to be Stewart Filcher in another form. From 1925 to 1929, a few individuals had reported seeing a man lurking around the outskirts of town and at the bottom of Cambiare Rock. No one approached the suspicious man, usually being scared away by the moans and quiet screaming that emitted from him. The first documented account of the Dark Killer killing anyone in New Prairie was in 1929 when Nucci Balfone was found bleeding on the steps of St. Murphy's Church early in the morning. The petrified Balfone ranted on that a man in all black murdered his whole family. The town deemed Balfone crazy and committed him to the newly opened Rhenderelli Asylum.

The Martini Family and Farm

During the next 3 years, more reports of the man in black, nicknamed the Dark Killer by select citizens in the town, started to be reported to the police and town officials. In 1930, an elderly couple spotted the Dark Killer hanging around the Martini Farm late one evening. It was later found that he had made his way to the farm and killed the owners, Rachel and Roberto Martini. Both were the mother and step father of Stewart Filcher.

During the next few years the Dark Killer was spotted hanging around the Martini Farm only. From 1933 till 1954, the Dark Killer made very few appearances. Those he did appear to were usually the teenagers who wished to face their fears and go to the farm. In 1954 Joseph Hartley purchased the Martini Farm and started construction on the house. The Dark Killer used some of his more minute tactics to scare the man away. None of them worked and for the first time ever, he had found someone who wasn’t scared of him.

In 1955, a teen and his 3 friends crashed their vehicle nearby and made their way to the farm. Once there, they blacked out. The Dark Killer proceeded to keep them in the basement of the house. The teen, who later reappeared in 1958, claims the whole experience only lasted a few hours before he awoke at the bottom of the driveway. In reality, 3 years had passed with no memory of the missing time. The Dark Killer had managed to alter time for the teens in the basement and let one go as a way to warn the city to not attempt to come back to the farm.

The Teen Massacres of 1995

His plan worked and from 1958 until 1994, very few people ever set foot on the farm or saw the Dark Killer. It wasn’t until two teens went to the farm house one evening in 1995 to make out, that the Dark Killer made a major reappearance. He murdered both teens, whose disappearance brought the police back to the scene of the crime and brought the Dark Killer back into the public’s eye.

A few months later, another larger group of teens decided to have a party at the Farm and were one by one killed off. The only survivor was Sara Cole, who caught the Dark Killer off guard by firing 2 arrows directly into his head. And after going to the police, they inspected the farm, found the dead teens and immediately trialed Sara for the deaths of her friends, which ultimately got her sent to Rhenderelli for rehabilitation.

The Dark Killer survived the near fatal hit to his head. After the first wave of teen murders in 1995, police inspected the Martini Farm top to bottom and found a secret stair case underneath the floorboards of a shed on the property. Following the stairs down, the police found a small hidden room. In the room was a greatly worn out single bed, a beaten up old desk, a framed picture of Rachel Martini, a cabinet filled with knives and a trunk. The trunk couldn’t be opened, so it’s contents remained a mystery to the police members. The room was documented and photographed but nothing was removed.

Knowing someone survived his attack, the Dark Killer left the farm for the first time in years and journeyed towards the city. Doing so, he came across The Hollow (Location) subdivision where he heard of a teen named Sarah Hindwither being present. He proceeded to murder everyone but stop when reaching a girl by the name of Amanda Mendel. Something about her caught his attention and instead of killing her, he possessed her body and waited for the police to arrive.

Amanda, still possessed, was trialed for the death of her friends and also committed to Rhenderelli. There, the Dark Killer used her as a way to find the real Sara he was looking for, whom he found was in the asylum with him. After murdering a few of the nurses and the guard guarding the files on the inmates, he killed every Sara in the asylum. He knew he had one more to kill on Halloween night of 1995. During a horrific storm that knocked out power to the asylum and his own presence deterring the usage of backup generators, he finally found that the girl who was helping Amanda was the Sara he was looking for and as Amanda , he shoved his machete straight into Sara killing her.

He de-possessed Amanda and attempted to murder Dr. Carol Richie, however just before swinging his machete, he heard the sound of his trunk opening, a sound only audible to him and left the scene.


Over the next 2 months, he searched New Prairie trying to find the location of his trunk. Eventually finding it, he was finally killed by Chelsie Mckenna just as the bell tolled midnight on New Years. Since his death, many of the strange happenings and deaths in New Prairie have ceased.


His appearance has never been fully captured by film (photographic or video). His presence around such electrical items always seems to cause their temporary malfunction, resulting in a disturbingly distorted image on photo, and massive static interference on video. Some investigators have however managed to still frame a single frame or two that show the Dark Killer in action. However, details are lost in the images and only a figure, dressed in black and wearing sunglasses can be made out.


  • Has been known to be able to conjure fire either in his hands or around him if he’s angry enough.
  • Able to possess the bodies of any given individual and take the form of one who is already dead.

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