Damien Quidd

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Damien Quidd
Born Damien Victor Quidd
(1743-03-04)March 4, 1743
Philadelphia, PA
Died April 16, 1992(1992-04-16)
August 29, 2004(2004-08-29)
April 13, 2018(2018-04-13) (aged 275) invalid year
New Prairie, WI
Killer Gravestone, Jack Ridley
Species Vampire
Occupation Businessman
Spouse(s) Victoria Quidd

Damien Quidd was a vampire entrepeneur and main enemy of Gravestone and Jack Ridley.


Becoming A Vampire & Meeting Victoria

Was attacked and bitten at the age of 23 by the ancestor of Jack Ridley. He awoke a few hours later and had become a vampire himself. In 1782, he inherited his father’s lumber mill and soon started reaping the profits of the company.

In 1796, Damien met a woman, Victoria Wade, while visiting Richmond, Virginia and that night he seduced and bit her. Victoria awoke the next morning, feeling the effects of becoming a vampire. She fell in love with Damien and later that year, the two married.

Building Their Home and Revenge

Damien and Victoria, living off the money from his growing lumber mill, built a large mansion on the outskirts of Philadelphia in 1797. The mansion was half completed in 1798 when three of it’s construction members went missing. Construction completed in November of 1799 and Damien and Victoria moved in. There, Damien lived, inviting guests and people of higher power over for parties until 1911 when Victoria went after a gentlemen in Philadelphia who refused to work with Damien and was killed by a mob.

Damien soon found that his wife was murdered and slipped into a state of total depression at her loss. He trashed his glorious mansion and three nights later, proceeded out into the town and kill those that murdered his wife. By the end of the night, he had murdered all 9 of the mob members by mutilating them with a large antique knife. After the massacre, Damien fled the area and moved to Chicago. There he sold his lumber company, collected a large 7 digit sum and purchased the top floor of a high rise apartment in downtown.

Into Hiding And Aging

For the next 80 years, Damien kept a low profile from the public. Rumors started about his never aging appearance but anyone who ever attempted to prove it either started working for Damien, became a part of his personal entourage or simply vanished from the city all together. By the early 90’s, Damien noticed himself starting to finally age. His hair was slowly turning gray and his skin started becoming wrinkly. He contacted a “professional” vampire and asked what was happening to him. The professional said that his lack of “clean” blood over the years had shortened his life drastically and from his current state he only had a few weeks before he’d die for good. Damien found that the closest “clean” blood was that of a teenage girl in New Prairie.

Damien traveled there, kidnapped the girl but was defeated by Gravestone and left to die.

First Resurrection, Building an Army, and Business

In 1994, Damien was resurrected as the result of a vampire in New Prairie but awoke in his old mansion in Philadelphia. There he was confronted by his the spirit of his wife Victoria who told him he needed to form an army to fight against an impending doom. Soon Damien realized he was stronger then before and wasn’t able to be harmed by a wooden stake, both a result of the resurrection.

Damien, glad to have his wife back, started out immediately screening people for his army. 7 years later, his travels across the country had brought him back to New Prairie where he knew who the next addition to his army would be. While in town, he set himself up as a high class business man and proceeded to purchase the old, run down Lady Asta's Riverboat Casino. He rebuilt it and opened it back up in the spring of 2000.

Revenge on Gravestone

4 months later, he had set a trap that would bring Gravestone to him. The trap worked which resulted in Damien being taken back to Gravestone's headquarters located in a cave in Cambiare Rock Damien bit Gravestone and turned him into a vampire before Jack Ridley and Waxgirl! arrived to save him. Gravestone was freed of his vampire curse and immediately turned to Damien to get him, but he was already gone.

Second Death and Resurrection

In 2004, Gravestone confronted Damien again and with the help of Jack managed to break him temporarily of his invulnerability and stabbed him through the chest with a stake. Damien died again but not before pulling the stake out and stabbing Gravestone through the chest with it, ultimately killing him.

In 2008 Damien was resurrected for the final time by his wife Victoria. During the resurrection process, Jack Ridley was bit and became a vampire ultimately preventing him from attacking Damien or Victoria. To ensure that Jack wouldn't find a way through the power, Victoria wiped his mind of knowing the two of them and sent him on his way. Over the next 10 years, the two returned to their business entrepreneur lifestyle and started purchasing companies across the country. Damien soon became one of the richest men in New Prairie and the Midwest, however the money wasn't enough.

In 2013, Damien learned that Cambiare Rock supposedly housed a weapon of great power. Wanting it for his own use, Damien set out to find a way into the mountain. In 2018, through minions and associates, Damien was able to break the seal on the mountain, unleashing the demons and trapped souls out into the city. Damien stood by watching as the city dove into chaos and soon realized THIS was the war in which he had been preparing. Sending his "army" against the demons, he fought his way to the head demon with plans of granting him with the power he needed. Before he was able to become endowed with the power, Damien was killed by Dana Deschain and Zee Young after they came to New Prairie looking for a reported Vampire. They banished his soul to a lost dimension where he would be irretrievable by anyone, preventing a resurrection from happening again.


  • Charm: The ability to woo anyone of any sex simply by talking to them. He lost this power after his first death.
  • Future Visions: After his resurrection (due in part to the individual used as the sacrifice[1]), Damien acquired the ability to see the outcome of near future events.
  • Invulnerability to Wooden Stakes: His most prized power was being able to take no damage or be killed by a wooden stake.


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  1. His original vampire force was charm but after being killed and resurrected, it evolved into strength and invulnerability to wooden stakes as well as the ability to see into the outcome of events in the near future. The reason they changed was due to both of the resurrections. The powers are “rubbed off” from the sacrificor. In this case, due to JACK RIDLEY having the vampire gene within him, he contained the force to see into the future or past, he just didn’t know about it. Since JACK hadn’t completely developed the force, Damien only got part of the ability and could see briefly into the future.