Mitchell Falcone

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Mitchell Falcone
Born Mitchell Bruce Falcone
(1963-11-11)November 11, 1963
Edison, NJ
Died December 15, 1995(1995-12-15) (aged 32)
Prairie View Park, New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Cyanide Poisoning
Killer Leon Portman
Other names Flamenco T. Chille
Occupation Business Owner
Associates Jack Rupert (Business Partner)

Mitchell Falcone was a co-owner and founder of Hazdon Industries.


College and Jack Rupert

Went to Harvard in 1980 for business management and graduated with honors. Met long time friend Jack Rupert while attending. Out of college, the two separated for a short time and in 1987 met back up in New Prairie. By then Jack had already opened a business of his own called Forest Age Products. Mitchell talked JACK into becoming a partner with him in the corporation and his influence helped Forest Age out considerably; soon growing into a multi-million dollar electronic business by the early 1990’s.

The Formula

In 1988 he came across Clarissa Thaems at Rhenderelli. Finding out about her condition, Mitchell believed he could cure her and started working on a formula to do so. 7 months later, he finished the chemical and injected it into her, awakening her from her state. Though side effects occurred, Mitchell started looking into the possible use for such a formula once it would be perfected. He created a small test group of adults to see what the formula would do to grown individuals only to find it had no affect on them. Shifting his focus, he administered a shot to a young Clive Kaden only to find Clive showing a mild form of telekinesis.

Later that year, Mitchell was confronted by Steven Haast who wanted to offer a deal in regards to the formula. Mitchell turned down his offer of a large sum of money and a co-founder’s title, demanding a larger sum of money be paid out for his work. Haast, angry with Mitchell’s decision, hired a group of goons to hassle him in hopes of changing Mitchell's mind. Mitchell refused to give in and a week later reported to the police about the hassling after nearly being run off the road by one of the goons. Crime fighter Gravestone stepped in and prevented Haast from stealing the formula from Mitchell’s home.

Hazdon Industries

In 1991, Jack envisioned a bigger, grander building for their company and soon afterward started creating a new home for it. In late ’91, the foundation work for their new company, renamed to Hazdon Industries, and by the end of 1992, the building was complete. Mitchell basked in the newly finished empire he helped create and soon started working on new ideas and angles for the company to go in. Now with proper funding, he started heavy work on finishing his original formula created to cure THAEMS. He realized the potential such a chemical could have if properly used and perfected.

Over the course of working on it, he worked himself into a corner. A part of the formula he couldn’t not figure out. Searching through contacts he came across a friend of a friend by the name of James Anderton. Seeking his help, Mitchell went under the name Flamenco T. Chille and contacted Anderton. Together the two worked on developing the formula, though they never met. Hard work, late nights and perseverance and Mitchell and Anderton finally succeeded in completing his formula. Mitchell graciously thanked Anderton and sent him a check with a 8 digit sum for all his help. The two never spoke again.

Parting of Ways

In mid 1994, Mitchell told Jack about his formula and the plans he had for Hazdon to create a massive empire with the military by injecting soldiers with his formula and creating an unstoppable army. Jack didn’t agree with his vision and in October of 1994 he overruled Mitchell’s power and fired him from the company, taking sole ownership of Hazdon. Jack also took Mitchell’s formula away from him, claiming it was property of Hazdon as it was created using company resources. Mitchell, enraged with anger, argued with Jack for 3 hours after his decision. The argument ended with Mitchell pushing Jack's desk out the window of his top story office and down onto a car below. Mitchell swore he’d make JACK change his mind and stormed out of the office.

Hillary Portman

Two days later, while waiting in the parking lot, Mitchell came up behind Hillary Portman, Jack’s secretary, and murdered her by placing a cyanide laced handkerchief (which belonged to her) across her face until she died. He left the handkerchief behind and fled to a nearby covering, watching as Jack and co-worker Simon Sinclaire discovered her body. While they were occupied with her body, Mitchell snuck upstairs to Jack's office and left him a note saying “YOU CAN’T STOP ME”. Jack did no action to bring Mitchell back to Hazdon, resulting in Mitchell himself vanishing from sight for over a year. When his formula mysteriously got stolen from the company in the summer of 1995, some reports pointed to Mitchell being the reasoning. However, no evidence ever pointed to him.

Leon and Death

In December of 1995, Mitchell reacquired his formula from the source who originally stole it back in the summer, but only after having him assassinated by LEON PORTMAN (who was unaware of who actually hired him). Now with his original formula back in his possession, Mitchell planed on selling it to a leading competitor of Hazdon located in Chicago, but not ever getting some final revenge on Jack himself.

Posing under his fake name Flamenco T. Chille, Mitchell hired the 4 friends and husband of Jack's ex-secretary Hillary Portman (all who were/are his friends) and set them up in a death trap where they’d all be killed by Leon himself. Leon caught up Mitchell after killing the four others and confronted him. After a narrowing chase, Leon killed Mitchell using the same method as he did on Hillary: placing a handkerchief laced with cyanide over his mouth.

Mitchell’s body was found 3 months later, decomposing amongst the thawing woods by a hiker. It’s unknown where or even if his body is buried.

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