Chelsie McKenna

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Chelsie McKenna
Born Chelsie Lyn McKenna
(1978-12-23)December 23, 1978
Antigo, WI
School New Prairie High
Year 1995 - 1996

Chelsie McKenna was friends with numerous victims of the Teen Massacres of 1995 and helped bring down the Dark Killer with Jack Ridley.


Originally from Antigo, WI Chelsie moved to New Prairie with her family in 1995. A few days later she meets Amanda Mendel and the two become friends. On registration day at school, she also meets Sarah Hindwither, Lynnea Manucci, and Karen LaSalle.

Close Call With Death

Chelsie is invited to a party at Lynnea Manucci's home in The Hollow but due to conflicts wasn’t able to arrive till later in the evening. Upon her arrival she witnessed her friends being murdered by The Dark Killer. Totally upset and unsure of what to do, she flees the scene and goes back home where she drinks herself to sleep.

Helping Jack Ridley

A few days later Jack Ridley arrives at her house to investigate her about the murders. She tells him she wasn’t there but he informs her that he knows she was. Ridley informs her that he’ll need her help with the case, but asks her to keep quiet about all she saw, to ensure that she doesn’t get blamed for the killings or sent to Rhenderelli Asylum. She obeys him and asks him if he knows anything about the trunk in her basement. Ridley tells her that it’s connected to the Dark Killer once he sees it.

Over the next few months, Chelsie helps Ridley as he talks with Sarah Cole and Amanda Mendel at Rhenderelli. After Amanda (possessed by the Dark Killer) kills Cole one evening at the hospital, Chelsie decides to spend as much time possible finding a way to track, capture and kill the Dark Killer.

Killing the Dark Killer

Soon, Chelsie and Ridley find out that the Dark Killer is looking for his trunk, which was open by Chelsie the night Cole was killed. He confronts Chelsie but is warded off by Ridley. On New Years Eve, Chelsie is pulled from her New Years Eve party by Ridley who knows that that was the only night they could kill the Dark Killer. Clad in her evening gown, she and Ridley set a trap using the trunk in the middle of Shaddick Stadium. After retrieving Ridley's incantation book from his house, the two banish the Dark Killer to an alternate dimension.

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