William Quercioli

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William Quercioli
Born William Jones Quercioli
(1968-09-28) September 28, 1968 (age 54)
New Prairie, WI
Other names Jones
Occupation Delivery Boy, Prisoner
School New Prairie High
Year 1983 to 1987

William Quercioli is the younger brother of Hillary Portman and Roberta Quercioli-Foxx, and the person responsible for the death of Nathan Myers.


Youngest and Being A Bully

Being the younger brother of two sisters, William grew into something of a bully at school. He went by his middle name instead of William, because he thought it was cooler sounding and more intimidating.

The Death of Nathan Myers

In 1986 he bullied Nathan Myers into Oak Park Cemetery and in the process of messing around with him, accidentally pushed him into an open grave, killing him. William, terrified of what he did, fled and never spoke about the incident to anyone. After graduating from high school, William attempted college in Madison but dropped out after his freshmen year and returned to New Prairie where he got a job at Talks To Cheez Pizzeria.

Confrontation and Justice

In 1988, he was confronted by Gravestone, the now alive personality of Nathan Myers. Realizing that Nathan had returned to life, he quickly pleaded for forgiveness but was turned down. Passing out in the pizza parlor, he awoke as he was being pulled into the New Prairie Police Department, where he confessed that he was the one who murdered Nathan Myers on accident two years prior. The courts sentenced him to life in prison.

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