Victoria Quidd

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Victoria Quidd
Born Victoria Elizabeth Quidd
(1768-08-08)August 8, 1768
Richmond, VA
Died September 29, 1911(1911-09-29) (aged 143)
Philadelphia, PA
Cause of death Burned and hanged
Killer Angry mob
Species Vampire
Spouse(s) Damien Quidd

Victoria Quidd is a vampire who was married to Damien Quidd until her death in 1911. She returned to New Prairie from an alternate timeline where she proceeded to resurrect her dead husband.


Turning into a Vampire

Victoria was born into a wealthy family. When she was 18, she met Damien Quidd who treated her to dinner. While out, Damien seduced, bit and ultimately turned Victoria into a vampire. Victoria awoke the next morning and started feeling the effects of being a vampire. Instead of being angry at him, she fell deeply in love with him and in December of 1796 the two married.

Early feasts

In 1798, in the midst of construction on their mansion, Victoria attacked three of the workers at the site. Damien found Victoria in the middle of feasting on the workers. Wanting to maintain their secrecy as vampires, Damien quickly disposed of the bodies. Victoria found she had a hard time controlling her thirst to kill and was often restrained by Damien from killing others. This thirst led her to gradually become the driving force behind any attacks on competing organizations or individuals.

Death & Return

In 1911, Victoria attempted to persuade a gentlemen in Philadelphia who refused to work with Damien. While there, she was cornered by a mob of people who brutally attacked her. Dragging her to the town square, they hung her up and promptly lit a fire beneath her. Victoria died at the stake.

In 1994 Damien awakens in the house he and Victoria lived in before her death and is met by the "spirit" of Victoria who tells him to start building an army for an impending war.

In 2008, Victoria (an alternate timeline version of her where she had lived) approached Jack Ridley, former enemy of Damien, and tricked him into being a sacrifice for her ceremony to resurrect Damien from the dead. The resurrection worked and after almost 100 years the two were reunited. In 2018 the two were banished to a lost dimension where they couldn't be retrieved by anyone, thwarting any attempts at a resurrection.

Alternate Timeline

In an alternate dimension, Victoria wasn't murdered by a mob in Philadelphia. Instead, Damien had gone to the city where he was found out and killed. Victoria found a way to cross over into the main timeline in hopes of being reunited with Damien. It is unknown how Victoria made her way from the alternate timeline to the main timeline, however she attempted a ceremony to bring the alternate Gravestone over to the main timeline.


  • Telepathy: The ability to interpret the thoughts of others simply by reading their mind. She has been known to implant thoughts into certain individuals through this same power.
  • Psychokinesis: Victoria is able to move things using a combination of her mind and an invisible force that emits from her hands.



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