Carson Anders

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Carson Anders
Born (1924-11-13)November 13, 1924
Racine, WI
Died June 1, 1996(1996-06-01) (aged 71)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Unknown
Killer Unknown
Occupation Maintenance Worker, Gravestone Aid
Associates Gravestone
Relatives Jack Ridley (Nephew)

Carson Anders is the night maintenance worker at the Stinson Public Library, the documentarian on the supernatural for Gravestone, and the uncle of Jack Ridley (on his mother's side).


WWII & Powers

Carson was in World War II where after being hit by a nearby explosion, awoke with the power to hear people's thoughts. Over the years he learned to control the ability and hone it in. Using his own ability as a jumping off point, Carson became fascinated with others who suffered similar fates and had mystical powers given to them. His research led him initially to embarrassment when while attempting to help an individual who claimed to be able to turn invisible, was left in a group of people alone and looking like a fool. After his incident, he kept his knowledge hidden permanently and took normal jobs to pay bills.

Hidden Room & Research

In the late 70's, Carson was shown a secret room within the Stinson Public Library by a friend and after the death of his wife in 1983, turned it into his new home for paranormal research. Carson took the position as the night maintenance work in order to continue his reading of the paranormal.

Meeting Gravestone

In 1992, Carson found Gravestone creeping around the library trying to find information on Damien Quidd. He invited Gravestone to the hidden room and helped him find additional information regarding Quidd and how to kill him. After his initial helping, Carson became friends with Gravestone and continued to be his go-to-guy for all information regarding the unknown.

In 1996, Carson died mysteriously.

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