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Born Clarissa Thaems
(1988-10-31)October 31, 1988
New Prairie, WI
Species Capes, Supers, Enhanced
Occupation Crime Fighter, Detective
Associates Gravestone (Partner)

Waxgirl! is a crime fighting detective, often partnering with Gravestone.



Clarissa Thaems originally created the alter ego Waxgirl! to entertain the other patients of Rhenderelli Asylum (where she was under treatment for schizophrenia). After being awaken one evening, Clarissa found her body started taking on the characteristics of wax, which she used to her own benefit at first. Eventually she found that the infamous “myth” Gravestone was a real person, and tracked him down to convince him that she should be his sidekick. Even though he refused her, she continued to show up and act as his sidekick during his attempt to solve a case. He eventually accepted her as his full time sidekick after she solved the murder mystery by playing a game of “Mousetrap”.

Name Change

It was during this time that she briefly changed her name to Waxgirl!™, claiming that she was planning on producing her own line of memorabilia and even a theme song for both her and GRAVESTONE. She eventually dropped the trademark logo, citing it was too difficult to pronounce with her name.

Other Sidekicks

Over the years, Waxgirl! brought in others as her sidekick to help solve some cases that the two were working on. These others were supposedly people she had met while being in her semi-catatonic state at Rhenderelli Asylum.

Loss of Gravestone

In 2004, Waxgirl! became secluded at the loss of her partner Gravestone. She attended the funeral but a short while later left New Prairie all together. It’s not known what she did during the following 3 years but in late 2007, she reappeared in the city to confront long time rival Steven Haast at The Weaver Hotel’s grand reopening on New Years Eve. During their confrontation, the two got into a heated argument in the penthouse that led to Waxgirl! pushing Haast out the window to his death. Waxgirl! quickly left the scene unnoticed.


Waxgirl! once again returned to New Prairie in 2018 to help a now alive Gravestone and Jack Ridley seal a portal that opened at the base of Cambiare Rock. Together, they realize the only way to seal it is to have Gravestone teleport within the opening, effectively causing it to collapse upon itself and shut for good. She said goodbye to her former partner for the last time and watched as he teleport inside, sealing off the portal. Waxgirl! left the public eye for good and hasn't been heard from since.

Appearance & Powers

Outfit & Tech

  • Candle Wick Head: The top of her head sprouts a candle wick, which whenever she has a good idea bursts into flame.
  • Fanny Pack: Holds numerous helpful items, including a spray bottle to put out the fire on her head.


  • Morphing: The ability to reshape of any part of her body, in whatever way she sees fit.