Jerry Burr

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Jerry Burr
Born Jerry Christopher Burr
(1975-02-28)February 28, 1975
Milwaukee, WI
Died December 14, 1996(1996-12-14) (aged 21)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Murdered
Killer Taylor Fanucci goon
Occupation Business & Deals
Associates Michael Partoni (Associate)
Vinnie Sporteino (Boss)
Jimmy Vito (Associate)
Spouse(s) Maria Sporteino

Jerry Burr was a delivery boy who quickly became involved with Vinnie Sporteino shortly before being taken down by Jimmy Vito posing as Tom Cortini.



In 1988 suffered the loss of his mother, which sent him into a reclusive state for the next 3 ½ years. During that time, he met Michael Partoni, starting a friendship that would last them the rest of their lives. Jerry frequented Rhenderelli Clinic for psychiatric help in hopes of getting over his mother's death. One way he learned to let out aggression was to take up fencing, a talent that would come in handy when confronting Jimmy Vito later in life. After graduating high school, Michael convinced Jerry to move with him to New Prairie, where the two would make a new life for them with the help of Michael's family friend, Sonny Bellini.

New Prairie Life

Over the next 3 years, Jerry took numerous jobs, given with the aid of Sonny, but lost them for one reason or another. In early 1995, Sonny got Jerry a job delivering pizzas for Partone's Restaurante. In June, he met Maria Sporteino while delivering a pizza. The two became attracted to one another and started seeing each other more and more frequently. In mid-November, Jerry asked Maria to move in with him, which she accepted and did so shortly afterward.

Delivering For Vinnie

The same night that Jerry asked Maria to move in with him, Sonny met with Jerry to offer him a new job that Vinnie Sporteino was trying to fill. It was during this meeting that Jerry found out that Vinnie was in fact Maria's father, having never met him previously. Sonny informed Jerry that if he were to take the job, he could not tell Vinnie that he knew Sonny or that it was him who directed him to the job in the first place. Jerry met with Vinnie a short time later, under the guise that he found out about the job through other people, and got hired. Over the next month, Jerry arrived at Vinnie's home, retrieved an item marked in a plain package, delivered it to Tom Cortini (whose real identity was Jimmy Vito), and returned to Vinnie with the money given by Tom.

The Last Delivery

In December of 1995, Jerry overheard Vinnie talking about ridding Tom when he was suddenly spotted. Fleeing Vinnie's house with goons in the chase, Jerry immediately went to Tom's house where he demanded to be told the truth about everything. Tom revealed himself to be Jimmy, who shortly afterward was shot by Anthony Zuitco, Jr. Thinking Jimmy is dead, Jerry flees the house and immediately tries to get a hold of both Maria (who doesn't answer) and Sonny. Telling Sonny to leave his house because he might be in danger, Jerry is run off the road by one of Vinnie's goons. Ditching his car, he takes off through the woods to escape. There, Sonny catches up to him and the two leave for Jerry's house to find Maria.

Arriving at the apartment, they find a note saying Maria has been taken to Vinnie's Compound and to come alone if he wants to see her alive. Stocking up with ammo and a bulletproof vest hidden away in a secret compartment within the building, the two go to the Compound and confront Vinnie. On their way, Sonny told Jerry he had a plan to make Vinnie shoot and think he killed him while coming clean with all the secrets he had been keeping for years. While there, Jerry finds a lifeless Maria and during an argument with Vinnie, reveals that he and Maria are engaged to be married, something Vinnie wasn't aware of. In a moment of hatred, the two exchanged blows which made Anthony pull his gun to shoot Jerry. Before he could be hit by the bullet, Sonny jumped in the way, taking the shot himself.

Sonny reveals to Anthony that Vinnie is the reason his parents are dead, which leads to a heated argument ending with Vinnie shooting Anthony. Vinnie tells Jimmy that if he wishes to be a part of the company, he has to kill Jerry for good. Jimmy accepts but before he can fire his gun, Jerry pulls a gun on them and fires. He uses the distraction to flee into the warehouse of boxes and crates and attempt to get away long enough to lose them.

Jimmy found Jerry hiding within a crate and the two started fighting with a set of swords found nearby. Their fight led them up into the rafters of the warehouse where Jerry finally got the upper hand and knocked Jimmy unconscious. Continuing to run, Jerry found himself on an upper-floor balcony overlooking the warehouse where he was confronted by an obviously distressed Vinnie. The two talked, having a brief heart-to-heart conversation that revealed more about Vinnie than Jerry ever imagined. Their conversation was interrupted by Maria shooting Vinnie in the back twice, pushing him over the railing behind Jerry. Grabbing his hand, Jerry held on to the dangling Vinnie just long enough to see Vinnie accept his life and understand that he had to die. He nodded to Jerry and slipped out of his grip. Vinnie fell three stories to the ground below, leaving Jerry and Maria alone.

On their way out, Jerry found that Jimmy's body had vanished, as did Sonny. Jerry and Maria left the compound for good, having never set foot on it even after it was burned to the ground later that day. Jerry never saw Sonny again.

Aftermath With The Family

Jerry and Maria proceeded to take over The Family in an attempt to turn its bad image around and go legit. Jerry was branded a traitor when during a peace talk with another family, an ambush ensued and the other family was murdered.

Wrongly Revenged

In 1996, the last family available agreed to talk with Jerry but was murdered by a sniper along with the rest of Jerry’s men. He fled back to his home only to find that Maria had been murdered as well. Jerry and Michael were both hunted down and killed by a member of Taylor Fanucci's organization.

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