Rocco Bellini

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Rocco Bellini
Born Rocco Tessio Bellini
(1951-03-31)March 31, 1951
Brooklyn, NY
Died October 24, 2002(2002-10-24) (aged 51)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Heart Disease
Spouse(s) Amanda Bellini
Children Kirsten Bellini (Daughter)
Family Tessio Bellini (Father)
Rosary Bellini (Mother)
Carlo Bellini (Brother)
Sonny Bellini(Brother)

Rocco Bellini is the eldest brother of Carlo and Sonny Bellini.


Life in New York

Rocco lived in Brooklyn until the age of 18, when he moved away from home and into an apartment in Greenwich Village, where he stayed until the mid 70’s. After his younger brother Sonny disappeared from the city, everyone from cops to bookies came hassling Rocco, demanding he tell them the location of Sonny. However, since Sonny hadn't told him where he went, he continued to admit that he was just as confused about Sonny's location as they were. That still didn't prevent the occasional beat down from happening.

Finding Sonny

The threats and hassling escalated to the point where Rocco’s apartment building was burnt to the ground by an unknown former acquaintance of Sonny's, all in an attempt to send a message. As he stood watching his apartment and belongs burn, the decision to find his brother was all he could do going forward. After a few months of leads and searching, Rocco came upon New Prairie.

Upon his arrival, Rocco had his one and only meeting with Vinnie Sporteino and told him the hardships and struggle he's gone through all because of his brother. Vinnie reassured him that going forward, he would be safe and protected from any of these individuals searching for Sonny. Later that day, he moved into a fully furnished apartment, rent-free as long as he needed it.

A short time later, he met a woman named Amanda Broks whom he fell instantly in love with. 7 months later, the two were married and 6 months after, Amanda gave birth to their only daughter Kirsten Bellini. Rocco (assumingly) outlived his brother Sonny but died of heart disease in 2002.

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