Maria Sporteino

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Maria Sporteino
Born Maria Maggie Sporteino
(1975-07-22)July 22, 1975
New Prairie, WI
Died December 14, 1996(1996-12-14) (aged 21)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Gunshot
Killer Andre Silvino
Spouse(s) Jerry Burr (husband)
Relatives Maria Lorenzo Sporteino (grandmother)
Vito Sporteino (grandfather)
Family Vincenzo Sporteino (father)
Maggie Sporteino (mother)
School New Prairie High
Year 1990 - 1994

Maria Sporteino was the daughter of Vinnie Sporteino and girlfriend/wife of Jerry Burr.


During Maria's birth, complications arose with her mother Maggie, causing in her mother to die during the process. While growing up, a gap started growing between her and her father Vinnie due to Vinnie blaming her for Maggie's death.

Meeting Jerry & Killing Vinnie

In July 1995 Maria met Jerry Burr when he delivered a pizza to her one evening. The two hit it off and soon Maria was ordering more pizzas specifically to see Jerry. The two started dating a short time later. The two moved in together in late 1995 and shortly afterward, the two got engaged. In mid-December, Vinnie's henchmen kidnapped Maria and used her for bait to lure Jerry into a trap. Upon doing so, Maria broke her binding and shot her own father in the back, causing him to lose his footing and fall to his death.

A New Chapter & Death

After Vinnie's death, Maria took over the family business and with Jerry helped reorganize it in hopes of creating a legitimate company. The two marry on August 22nd during one of the hottest days on New Prairie record. As hope dwindles that the organization will ever become legit, Maria watches as Jerry slowly slips to desperation. While Jerry’s out trying a final attempt at getting things right, Maria is confronted by Andre Silvino, bodyguard to Taylor Fanucci. After a brief chase around the house, Andre fires a single shot into Maria’s head and kills her. He props her up in a chair in plain sight of the front door and leaves her for Jerry to find. Upon finding her body, JERRY breaks down, packs up a few things and leaves the house.

Two days later, Maria’s body is found by the police. After the funeral, both Jerry and she are buried atop the hill at Oak Park Cemetery next to her mother Maggie.



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