Michael Partoni

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Michael Partoni
Born Michael Mitchell Partoni
(1974-11-21)November 21, 1974
Milwaukee, WI
Died December 14, 1996(1996-12-14) (aged 22)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Shot
Killer Taylor Fanucci Gang Member
Occupation Business
Associates Jerry Burr
  • Terry (father)
  • Emilee (mother)
  • Elaine (sister)
  • Francis (brother)
  • Susan (sister)

Michael Partoni was a friend and business partner with Jerry Burr in an attempt to revitalize Vincenzo Sporteino's operations.


Meeting Jerry and New Prairie

Michael met Jerry Burr in 1992 after graduating High School and helped bring him out of depression as the result of his mother’s death. The following summer the two moved to New Prairie where they planned to “start their lives”. Michael, through his family who lived there, found work at Sonny Bellini’s dock’s working as the bookkeeper. Soon Sonny promoted Michael to his personal financier where he started rubbing elbows with the big wigs of the Midwest. Michael had no knowledge of Sonny’s drug selling and always had legit alibis when the cops confronted him.

Taking Over Vinnie Sportien's Business

After Vinnie Sporteino died, Jerry and fiancee Maria Sporteino took over running it and hired Michael as the head of operations. Using his experience and friendships made during his running of Sonny’s organization, Michael attempted to bring a clean face to the company. Michael was shot twice in the chest and once in the arm during an ambush at Rillo's Quarry in mid-1996. Recovering after a few months, Michael’s efforts were nearly ruined as word spread that the organization was not to be trusted. Michael tried his hardest and in mid-December found one last hope to fix the company's image.

Cut Ties and Leave New Prairie

During the meeting, the head of the meeting group was assassinated by an unknown assailant, leaving no future for the company. Michael decided it was time for him, Jerry, and Maria to leave the town for good. After Jerry’s devastated call saying Maria was dead, Michael quickly started gathering a few of the most important documents possible to restart the company elsewhere. Midway through his gathering, he received a phone call from a familiar but unidentifiable voice. The voice told him to not leave the house or else both he and his family would be hunted down and murdered. When Jerry arrived and headed for the backdoor to leave, Michael attempted to stop him when 2 gunshots rang out from somewhere behind his house and hit Michael in the chest, killing him.

A call to the hospital was made from inside the house two hours later by an unknown person. Michael’s body was found and a proper funeral ceremony was held 3 days later. Michael’s buried in Oak Park Cemetery atop the 'Overlook Hill' next to his friends Jerry and Maria.

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