Francis Portone

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Frankie Portone
Born Francis Michael Portone
(1955-03-22)March 22, 1955
Brooklyn, NY
Died December 14, 1996(1996-12-14) (aged 41)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Murdered/Shot
Killer Taylor Fanucci
Other names Frankie
Occupation Weapon Expert

Frankie Portone worked with both Vinnie Sportien and Jerry Burr.


Working With Vinnie

Frankie was one of the original members of Vinnie Sportien's organization which he joined in 1972. After a raid upon the main headquarters, Frankie hid out until he was contacted by Vinnie a few short days later. Frankie gathered the few belongings he had, stole enough money from his foster father’s drawer, and got a bus ticket to New Prairie to meet up with Vinnie.

New Life In New Prairie

Once in New Prairie, Vinnie helped move Frankie into an apartment until he was able to buy a house. To repay him, Frankie served Vinnie as his weapon expert from 1976 until 1995 when Vinnie was murdered.

Working For Jerry and Death

After Jerry Burr took over, Frankie got promoted to his right-hand man in charge of security. Frankie barely survived an ambush in December of 1996 upon the remaining members of Vinnie's organization and Jerry himself. Frankie made his way back to his house where he tended to his wounds. While home, he heard a sound from the other room. Investigating the sound, Frankie found a disgruntled member of Taylor Fanucci's organization, who shot and killed Frankie in his dining room.

Frankie's body was found 5 days later by the neighbor and he is buried in Oak Park Cemetery.

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