Carlo Bellini

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Carlo Bellini
Born Carlo Santino Bellini
(1958-12-30)December 30, 1958
Brooklyn, NY
Died December 23, 1987(1987-12-23) (aged 28)
New York, NY
Cause of death Murdered
Killer Harrison Braski
Occupation Writer
Associates Harrison Braski (Partner)
Relatives Kirsten Bellini (Niece)
Family Rosary Bellini (Mother)
Rocco Bellini (Brother)
Sonny Bellini(Brother)
Tessio Bellini (Father)

Carlo Bellini is a novelist and the youngest brother of Rocco and Sonny Bellini.


Upbringing & Fictionalizing

Carlo grew up in Brooklyn, New York where he spent the first 20 years of his life. After his brother Sonny's mysterious disappearance in 1973, he exploited his family’s name by writing novels about fictionalized events in his life. In one of his novels, he told tales of his older brothers locking him in the basement for days on time and torturing him with stories of murder and death.

Growing Popularity

On his rise to the top, Carlo backstabbed many to get what he wanted, which included most of his friends. Often he would never follow through with his end of an agreement which only angered those he dealt with more.

In 1980, Carlo moved to a high-rise apartment in Manhattan where he proceeded to write two novels a year, most of which were instant bestsellers.


In 1987, Sonny made a single visit to New York, specifically to ask his brother to stop writing the stories. The two got into a heated argument and Sonny stormed out. A few minutes later, Harrison Braski, a hitman sent to "collect on broken promises", showed up in Carlo's penthouse and shot him point blank in the chest. Carlo's body was found a few days later and a private ceremony was had, one which no one, including his own family, attended.

Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, Carlo himself is actually the one behind the New Prairie stories series. The characters in the story are based upon actual people within his life but may or may not be the same as the ones portrayed in the stories themselves. The revelation that Carlo is behind them isn't until the final story in the entire New Prairie series.

Character Connections