Amanda Bellini

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Amanda Bellini
Born Amanda Florence (Broks) Bellini
(1951-08-20) August 20, 1951 (age 71)
Madison, WI
Occupation Teacher (New Prairie High)
Spouse(s) Rocco Bellini
Children Kirsten Bellini (Daughter)
Family Carlo Bellini (Brother-in-law)
Sonny Bellini (Brother-in-law)
Emma LaBelle (Niece)
Judy LaBelle (Sister)

Amanda Bellini is the wife of Rocco Bellini and sister-in-law of famed criminal Sonny Bellini.


Born and raised in Madison, Amanda eventually moved to New Prairie after college in 1973 to get a job teaching at New Prairie High. In 1975, she met Rocco Bellini and the two were married 7 months later. 6 months after their wedding, Amanda gave birth to their daughter Kirsten. After taking a year off from teaching, Amanda resumed her position at New Prairie High.

Many of her past students are New Prairie’s most infamously known, whether it be their relation to the Teen Massacres of 1995, or related to the numerous crime waves to plague the city. In 2002, Amanda lost her husband Rocco to heart disease and now lives alone while continuing to teach.

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