William Hoyt

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Lt. William Hoyt
Born William Henderson Hoyt
(1944-06-30) June 30, 1944 (age 78)
New York, NY
Occupation Police Detective
Associates Vinnie Sportien

William Hoyt was a New York police officer who had a personal vendetta against Vinnie Sportien.


Time With Janine

In 1961 on New Years Eve, he attended a party where he met Janine Foxx. The two drank a lot, though illegally, and ended up having sex. Janine left before he could awaken and never saw her again.

New York Cop and Blackmail

One of the youngest policemen to join the force in 1966. Was a muscle man for Vinnie Sportien. He’d beat up and kill those that Vinnie needed to do away with and would hide behind his badge if anyone got to close to asking questions; he’d claim “self defense” if anyone was suspicious. In 1969, William was called by Vinnie to meet him at a grocery store in Brooklyn to have a “meeting” with him. Upon arriving, William walked straight into a murder, in which other police men arrived shortly afterwards and arrested and charged him for the murder of Anthony, Sr. & Fransceca.

Trial and Evidence

According to reports, an anonymous tip informed the police that William was going to murder the couple. The courts worked swiftly and William was put behind jail before he could even plea his case. Over the next 4 years, he hired a lawyer and attempted to find a way to reopen his case. Finally in the summer of 1973, his lawyer managed to get a hold of a “lost” file that showed the bullet found in the bodies of the Zuitco's didn’t match that of William's gun, the police took for evidence.

William’s lawyer got the courts to reopen the case and he was acquitted of all his charges. Upon leaving jail and filled with vengeance, William's first stop was the police precinct in which he told the chief the exact location of Vinnie's warehouse. Later that evening, the cops and William raided Vinnie's warehouse location and arrested Vinnie, Sonny Bellini, Anthony Zuitco, Jr. and a few dozen more.

On their way back to the precinct, William discussed with Vinnie his plans to ensure he rot in the same jail cell he was stuck in for the past 4 years. However, before reaching the police station, the vehicle William was in was run off the road by Anthony, Jr. and the collision knocked William unconscious. William awoke some hours later to find both Vinnie and Sonny gone without a trace.

Personal Vendetta

Over the course of 20 years, Bill made it a person vendetta to find Vinnie. He tracked down every member and person who ever dealt with VINNIE in an attempt to find some information on where he was hiding. In 1995, he traveled to Seattle, Washington to talk to James Anderton in hopes a previous hit man might have a clue. Leaving empty handed, William was no further off now then he was 22 years previous.

Working With Lt. Calvin

Later that day, William received a phone call from Lt. Jake Calvin, of Chicago. Jake told of how everyone in the police circle knows about his vendetta towards Vinnie and that he knew where he was at, but had no evidence or motive to actually bring Vinnie down. Seeing his opportunity, William played along with the idea that Vinnie was still wanted in New York and traveled to Chicago to help Jake out.

Together, it was the two who arrested Sonny Bellini and struck a deal with him to help catch Vinnie. Upon getting Sonny's agreement to work with them, William decided that he should stay behind the scenes and allow Jake to go under cover as a potential drug dealer, to prevent Vinnie from recognizing him immediately. Jake told William to stay in the area in case of an emergency with the plan. He stayed at the Nickel Motel, located on the west side of the river near a commercial growth.

While staying there, he'd occasionally travel into town to talk to Sonny about the progress of the plans. Also he phoned Jake numerous times from the motel. Over the course of the few months that it took for the plan to take place, William started to get more and more furious over the time that was being wasted in bringing Vinnie down. He firmly believed that after only one delivery they should have busted Vinnie, but instead Jake decided to hold off for a later date.

Believed Death

It was believed that on December 15th of 1995, Jake showed up at William's motel room and killed him. William's body was never found. However, 4 months later, a call to the police came from the Sportien house by Vinnie's daughter Maria, stating that a man was at their front door demanding to come in and investigate the house for “clues”. By the time the police arrived at the house, the man had gone. Both Maria and Jerry Burr, her fiancée, gave a description of the man that matched William's last known appearance.

Two weeks later, Winston Cooke the caretaker of Oak Park Cemetery, reported that a man matching William's appearance, was on the grounds frantically looking for a certain grave site. When confronted by Winston, the man told him to leave him alone and took off. Winston asked the man who he was looking for, saying he’d be able to find the grave for him easier than his method would. The man ignored him and continued off across the grounds. Winston watched as the man scoured the grounds for an additional two hours before finally leaving.

After a confrontation with the Gravestone, it was confirmed that the man poking around the couple locations in the past few months was in fact William, alive though definitely crazed. His obsession with finding Vinnie proved to be his undoing as he continued his search to find him, even though he was dead. William claimed that a man like Vinnie Sportien doesn’t die and went to his old house to find some proof he was still living. Even going to the graveyard to find his tomb only to not find it, only further fueled his suspicion that he was still alive.

William, not believing Maria, broke into Vinnie's old house and searched all through the house. He eventually found a hidden room which housed many of Vinnie's personal documents and the keys to all the buildings that were owned by him. He grabbed a handful of keys and stormed out of the room, where he met fist with Gravestone. The two battle inside the house in a match that destroys a few of the walls and a few remnant furniture pieces. Gravestone got the upper hand and the two fell out the second story window onto the ground below. Hoyt laid unconscious on the driveway until the police arrived and arrested him for trespassing, breaking and entering and harassment.

Hoyt was sentenced to three years in jail, no probation. After being released, he got a job as a janitor/bar keep at Jumpers.

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