To Tom Cortini 2: Return 2 Sender (Movie)

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To Tom Cortini 2: Return 2 Sender
10th Anniversary Poster
Directed by Jeff Bell
Produced by Jeff Bell
Nate Weiss
Screenplay by Jeff Bell (Story, Screenplay)
Nate Weiss (Story)
Starring Chris Horton
Jeff Bell
Joel Bessire
Bryan Boyer
Nathan Weiss
Music by John Murphy, Seatle Music
Cinematography Nate Weiss
Edited by Jeff Bell
Release date
June 12, 2003
Running time
25 minutes
Country United States
Language English

To Tom Cortini 2: Return 2 Sender, also known as TTC2, is the 2003 short film sequel to To Tom Cortini (2002).

Plot synopsis

Taking place during the events of the first film, we find out what was really going on with Vinnie and his shipment of drugs.



  • During the writing stage of this film, the concept of New Prairie, WI was created and the idea that these movies and "Farm Life's A Killer" would be connected was thought up.
  • Parts 2 and 3 of the "To Tom Cortini Trilogy" were filmed at the same time over the course of 6 months.
  • The scene where Vinnie finds the drugs in Tom's basement freezer was filmed only 2 weeks after the previous movie had been finished. However, the next scene to be filmed wasn't for another month later.
  • A lot of the opening scene's footage was accidentally taped over and is lost. During the 2004 re-edit of the film, the scene had to be pulled from the original edited, which is why a second music track can be heard in the background of some shots.
  • The scene where Vinnie and Tom walk around Tom's house suffered from a major microphone issue. Multiple takes were done for the scene however, none were recorded due to a malfunction with the camera. In one edit of the film, additional ADR was recorded to fix the audio issues but did not properly match the mouths and later was dropped altogether.
  • Maria, Vinnie's daughter, is briefly seen at the end of one scene. She was placed in after she was added to the third film, as a way to introduce her to the world.
  • The scene where Sonny is out front of his house to meet Jerry but is ambushed by Anthony and his men was filmed in late May 2003. The footage of Sonny after he runs out the back of his house and is being chased through the wooded area was filmed in March of 2003. The change is noticeable by the fact the grass is no longer green, no leaves on the tree's and actor Joe Fulton's hair length changing drastically.
  • The film heavily uses the camera shot jokingly called "Squirrel Cam" by the production crew, where the camera moves close to the ground.
  • The names for all three films in the Trilogy were based upon different mailing terms and phrases, while still reflecting upon the film's plot. This film's name "Return 2 Sender" both used the part's number in the title, while also referencing that the plot would "return to the first film's sender", meaning going back to Vinnie and what he was doing during the first film.

New Prairie Universe Info


The events of this film take place on October 24, 1995 (receiving the cocaine), November 25, 1995 (Vinnie and Sonny talking), November 26, 1995 (Vinnie meeting Tom), November 31, 1995 (Vinnie hires Jerry), December 15, 1995 (final delivery & shootout).

Out of Canon

While the film is part of the New Prairie Universe, many of the events have been tweaked or adjusted in the official canon. The changes between this film and the actual timeline are as follows:

  • Vinnie and Jerry's confrontation in the woods at the end, Jerry being shot and thought dead by Vinnie, and the final shootout at Vinnie's truck that ends with Jerry and Vinnie dying. In the updated timeline, Jerry and Sonny run through the woods but the confrontation happens at Vinnie's warehouse where only Vinnie dies.
  • Maria appears living in Vinnie's house when Jerry is hired for the job. In the updated timeline, she's already engaged and living with Jerry at this point.
  • The conversation between Vinnie and Sonny appears to happen during warmer weather. In the updated timeline, this conversation happens after Thanksgiving dinner.
  • The opening scene where Vinnie receives the 60 kilos of cocaine from the delivery guy for himself and leaves. In the updated timeline, Vinnie gets the shipment as part of a demand from Michael Fanucci, a crime boss out of Chicago. After killing the delivery guy, Vinnie's men resets and waits for Fanucci's arrival where they ambush and kill him.