Anthony Zuitco, Jr

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Anthony Zuitco, Jr.
Born Anthony Bono Zuitco, Jr.
(1960-02-03)February 3, 1960
Queens, NY
Occupation Hitman, Bodyguard
Associates Vincenzo Sporteino
Family Anthony Zuitco, Sr. father, Francesca Zuitco mother

Anthony Zuitco, Jr. is a businessman, hitman, and longtime bodyguard of Vinnie Sportieno.


Was only 9 when his parents were both murdered as he stood in the window of a store watching them. After their death, he no longer had a family to belong to and met up with VINNIE SPORTIEN and SONNY BELLINI’s organization in 1972. There he joined in and eventually became VINNIE’s bodyguard after proving himself to VINNIE by taking a bullet during a raid of a rival gang. The two became good friends and Anthony continued to serve VINNIE until the mid 90’s. In the 1973, VINNIE’s headquarters was raided by the police and he, Anthony and SONNY BELLINI were all arrested and taken to jail. On the way to the jail, Anthony managed to break free of his restraints and take control of the vehicle he was in. Using it, he knocked the other vehicle with VINNIE and SONNY in it, off the road and freed them. The trio decided to leave everything behind and make for a new home. The three found the city of New Prairie, WI less than a week later and set up shop there. Anthony helped VINNIE rebuild his organization by recruiting new men and helpers with a vigorous procedure that insured they would never turn against them. Over the years, Anthony never forgot the day his parents were murdered in front of him. Through VINNIE’s help, Anthony finally got information regarding who killed his parents from VINNIE. Anthony took some time off and drove out to Seattle, Washington to have a confrontation with the killer, JAMES ANDERTON. Reaching his house, Anthony proceeded to beat ANDERTON up. After a 2 hour beat up, Anthony pulled out his gun and fired a shot into each appendage, in which ANDERTON confessed out loud that it was VINNIE who had hired him for the job and that he was just doing his job. Anthony, not believing him, went to his car, grabbed the can of gasoline from his truck and proceeded to light ANDERTON’s house on fire with him inside. Leaving Seattle, Anthony made his way back to New Prairie, with ANDERTON’s words still in his head. Keeping it to himself, he continued on with his life, a little happier. In December of 1995, Anthony was reconfirmed by long time ex-friend SONNY BELLINI that VINNIE was behind the murdering of his parents all along and the reason it took him so long to find who supposedly did it, was because VINNIE was purposely preventing Anthony from finding out. Anthony turned on his fellow friend but was taken down by a shot from VINNIE, point blank in the chest. The shot in the chest left Anthony wounded but didn’t kill him. Awaking a few minutes later, he made his way out of the warehouse and to his vehicle. He left the compound and stayed at the NICKEL MOTEL where he laid low for 3 days while he got his stuff and money in order. After the third day of being there, he gathered all the stuff he had and left New Prairie for good, vowing never to return to the city. Calling a business friend in California, he made his way to the coast where he helped set up numerous businesses (shipping, industry, technology) and eventually took over ownership. Soon, he had a new stream of money coming in as he became the head operator behind said businesses. However, in an attempt to prevent anyone working for the businesses to find out who exactly he was or potentially hurt him, he would never meet with anyone personally. All business was done over the phone or with a select few ‘business partners’ who would do his talking and bidding for him. The idea helped build a persona for him, that made those who worked for him scared to try anything and those he dealt with feel intimidated and cowardly do whatever he wanted. Over the years, he would simply be known as The Big B, for his constant acquiring of warehouses, shipping and other such enterprises. In 1998, one of his scientifically geared corporations got their hands on a new chemical and found a way to create high explosives when mixed with a dry powder that they created. Needing to acquire more of the chemical in order to sell the newly created explosives, Anthony found the source was from HAZDON back in New Prairie. Initially he was reluctant to go back to the city, but eventually did as he realized that a shipment of goods containing the chemical would be leaving the city, at which time he and a few of his fellow friends would hijack the vehicle and take it back to the coast. Upon arriving, he was ambushed by another group, who killed all his men and left him seriously wounded. Catching a glimpse of the vehicle they arrived in, Anthony later tracked the car to a “business” in Chicago, which just so happened to be owned by FANUCCI ENTERPRISES, which had been taken over by MICHAEL FANUCCI’s unknown son, TAYLOR FANUCCI. Pretending to be a future high stakes business man, Anthony talked to TAYLOR in his office building and created a diversion to get a few moments alone in his office. In there, he found a log book that stated 2 shipments were leaving that evening and they contained highly valuable and dangerous goods. Going to the track yard, Anthony was knocked cold by a waiting FANUCCI goon. They took him on the train and dropped him off somewhere in Ohio.


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