Sonny Bellini

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Sonny Bellini
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Born Sonny Tutoine Bellini
(1952-02-07)February 7, 1952
Brooklyn, NY
Disappeared December 15, 1995 (aged 43)
New Prairie, WI
Occupation Business & Deals
Associates Jerry Burr (Associate)
Robert Partone (Associate)
Michael Partoni (Associate)
Vinnie Sportien (Partner/Boss)
Jimmy Vito (Associate)
Family Amanda Bellini (Sister-In-Law)
Carlo Bellini (Brother)
Kirsten Bellini (Niece)
Rocco Bellini (Brother)
Rosary Bellini (Mother)
Tessio Bellini (Father)

Sonny Bellini was a businessman, associate, and good friend of Vincenzo Sportien.


Meeting Vinnie

Sonny became friends with Vinnie Sportien at a very young age. Co-founded The Family with Sportien in 1968 and fled to New Prairie with Sportien in 1973 following a failed drug exchange. Split from The Family in 1974.

Attempted to move into the fishing business until early 80’s when he switched to selling drugs hidden amongst frozen fish. After numerous busts and a bad rap, Sonny switched from drugs to money laundering in the early 90’s.

Jerry Burr & Jimmy Vito

In 1992, met Jerry Burr and Michael Partoni, becoming good friends with both. In 1995, after being arrested for the third time attempting to pull the same scam, Sonny met Jimmy Vito, a cop from Chicago who was willing to cut him a deal: if he worked with the police in trying to bring down Vinnie, he’d be cleared of all his charges and be a free man.

Sonny agreed and over the next few months helped Vinnie rid of some newly received cocaine, which immediately gets delivered to Jimmy, who's secretly undercover as Tom Cortini, a dealer.

Final Days

Sonny is “murdered” by Jimmy, who has recently "revealed" himself, in front of Vinnie and Jerry Burr (who’s been helping with the exchanges). After the events that transpired, Sonny went into hiding and left New Prairie.

3 years later, his fishing business reopened mysteriously leading to the idea that Sonny was back in New Prairie but continuing to hide out.

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