Jake Calvin

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Lt. Jake Calvin
Born Jacob Maxwell Calvin
(1957-06-22)June 22, 1957
New Prairie, WI
Died December 15, 1995(1995-12-15) (aged 38)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Murdered
Killer Jerry Burr
Other names Tom Cortini
Occupation Police Officer
Associates Sonny Bellini
School New Prairie High
Year 1971 to 1975

Police detective who attempted to arrest Vinnie Sportien for the murder of Michael Fanucci.


Early Years

Lived with his family on a farm outside the New Prairie city limits. Had an early fascination with being a cop after watching Saturday afternoon serials at the local movie theater. After graduating high school, Jake went to La Crosse Police Academy where he graduated with Honors within a year. Got a job at the Sauk County Police Department in 1977. Moved to Chicago in 1978 in light of getting a job on the Chicago Police Force.

Early 1981, arrests 3 armed robbers, saving nearly $400,000 worth of merchandise and gets promoted to Sergeant with a desk job. Finishing the paper work for the task, he finds all the men have had previous connections with Vinnie Sportien. Starts work on unsolvable cases and not only solves them but apprehends some of Chicago’s big time criminals. Brings in Francis O’Keefe, a notorious car thief in 1985 and is promoted to Lieutenant.

Working With Michael Fanucci

During his time in Chicago, Jake met with mob boss Michael Fanucci after arresting a handful of his lackeys in a sting operation. Fanucci offered Jake and the police a deal that would help cut down the crime in the city, but also would grant Fanucci freedom to go about his deals. Jake became the representative of the police force that would deal strictly with Fanucci on any matters. Even though he disagreed with the agreement, he did his job and dealt with Fanucci on a regular basis.

Trapping Vinnie Sportien

However when Fanucci mysteriously vanished, the police chief was concerned that if they didn't find him, the crime would start going back up in the city again. Jake immediately started searching for answers and received an annonymous tip that pointed him to Vinnie Sportien.


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