Roberto Martini

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Roberto Martini
Born Roberto Michaelo Martini
(1880-08-03)August 3, 1880
Palermo, Sicily
Died August 2, 1930(1930-08-02) (aged 49)
Martini Farm, New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Murdered
Killer Stewart Filcher/Dark Killer
Spouse(s) Rachel Martini
Children Francis Martini (son)
Stewart Filcher (step-son)

Roberto Martini is the husband of Rachel Martini and step-father of Stewart Filcher aka The Dark Killer.


Early Days

Secretly married a young woman in 1901 who for some unknown reason committed suicide in 1904. He remarried in 1906 but left his second wife in 1909 when he found that she had been keeping money from him. Came to the States in 1915 where he spent a year in New York before moving to Chicago to get a job as a janitor. When he was fired from that job, he eventually moved to New Prairie.

Living in New Prairie

Roberto met Rachel Filcher in 1916 and the two wed a short time later. Roberto’s first child Francis was born later that year. In 1918 when New Prairie became a city, Roberto was hired to be the official city planner for future layout decisions.

Rachel’s first child Stewart and Roberto regularly disagreed on many topics and would get into multiple arguments. The final argument was on a winter night in 1925 when Stewart somehow made the house burst into flames and burn to the ground. Unfortunately, Francis was caught inside the fire and perished.

New Farmhouse

Roberto bought a chunk of land a few miles outside of New Prairie and moved there with Rachel in hopes of rebuilding their lives and get away from the problems they both endured. The two built a rather large farm house and happily lived the next few years without any problems. Farmed and lived a semi-happy life for the next 5 years. Was murdered in 1930 by Stewart, now the Dark Killer, who hid the bodies within the house itself. Two months later, the townspeople and police find their bodies.

Is buried in Oak Park Cemetery with her wife Rachel.

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