Geoff Jenks

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Geoff Jenks
Born Geoffrey Randolph Jenks
(1975-11-21)November 21, 1975
New Prairie, WI
Died August 18, 1995(1995-08-18) (aged 19)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Murdered
Killer Dark Killer
Other names Geoff
School New Prairie High
Year 1991 to 1995

Video tape enthusiast. In 1995 he videotaped Karen LaSalle and Joseph Martini having sex in a “secluded” area of town and talked about it to everyone.

Was murdered as part of the Teen Massacres of 1995, found in the front seat of his vehicle, apparently killed from strangulation, of the Martini Farm.

The New Prairie Police had temporary high hopes upon finding Geoff’s dead body, for his video camera was found sitting on the dashboard facing directly at his dead body. The battery was dead and the police soon realized the camera had been on and hopefully recording during his death, possibly revealing the true identity of the Dark Killer once and for all. Using a new battery, the police watched in anticipation the video of the night’s proceedings. Geoff had videotaped nearly everything, including moments of fear the teens and himself experienced. They watched all the way up to his death, in which to their excitement, Geoff had left the camera recording. The footage showed him getting into his vehicle, setting the camera down and toying with something in his camera bag. A black streak appeared behind him and suddenly the tape’s picture malfunctioned. The sound of Geoff in the background could be heard clearly and without problem, but what was happening couldn’t. The tape’s tracking went haywire and only very brief glimpses, which later showed Geoff struggling with no one behind him but a dark shadow on the seat, were all the police could see. Geoff’s groaning ceased and the video renewed it’s clarity to normal, showing a dead Geoff in the passenger seat of his car, just like the police found him.

The camera's video cassette went missing shortly afterwards. It was taken by Lt. Jake Morris and purposely destroyed at his home in an attempt to disprove completely that the Dark Killer did not exist.

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