Martini Farm

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Aerial view of the farmland

The Martini Farm was the original home of Roberto and Rachel Martini as well as the location of the Teen Massacres of 1995.

Originally an unoccupied chunk of land located past the outskirts of New Prairie. Was bought by Roberto Martini in 1925. A farm house and a few sheds were built on the land by Roberto and his wife Rachel. Farmed and maintained until the two vanished in 1930. Stood abandoned for nearly 25 years. Said by locals to be haunted. Numerous reports and sightings of a figure dressed entirely in black wandering around the farm at dusk.

In 1954 the farm was bought by a city man from Green Bay named Joseph Hartley who wanted to learn farming. He had no previous knowledge of the rumors of the Dark Killer as the man in black had become to be known. And even after warnings from the reality that owned the land, Hartley still proceeded and took residence on the farm. While moving in, the moving men claimed to hear voices and things flying across the room. Dumping the rest of the stuff in the court yard, they took off and left the man to finish it himself. The over confident home owner ignored the late night moanings and occasional flashes of faces looking in the windows.

The people of New Prairie couldn’t believe Hartley was staying and when they saw him, he seemed perfectly normal as if there was nothing wrong with the farm after all. Though as the months continued on, people saw less and less of him, and they noticed that he seemed to buy odd items when in town. In the summer of 1955, a few teens wrecked their vehicle a short distance from the farm. Their car was found in a ditch, half a mile away, but they themselves vanished until one of them showed up at the police station in 1958, wearing the same outfit he was last seen in before disappearing. In 1995, the farm was the setting for a teen massacre that Sarah Cole was convicted of doing herself and sent to Rhenderelli Asylum.

NOTES: Original house was smaller, but was built upon in the early 50’s by the new owner JOSEPH HARTLEY. Secret room downstairs in basement, behind a stone wall that contained the bodies of RACHEL and ROBERTO MARTINI.