Amanda Mendel

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Amanda Mendel
Born Amanda Sweely Mendel
(1976-07-15)July 15, 1976
New Prairie, WI
School New Prairie High
Year 1992 - 1995

Amanda Mendel was the second of two survivors of the Teen Massacres of 1995.


The Hollow Massacre

The Dark Killer possessed her body after killing everyone of her friends. She was found mumbling to herself and rocking near the fire at Lynnea Manuuci’s house. Police took her into custody and kept an eye on her. While there, she was blamed for the murder of the others, was put on trial 10 days later, and convicted for the murders of her friends.

Time at Rhenderelli

“Amanda” arrived at Rhenderelli Asylum that evening and was put into a cell where she remained fairly quite the whole time she was there. Near the end of October, “Amanda” became “friends” with Sarah Cole, the survivor of the first teen massacre. Together the two attempted to find the Dark Killer, who was terrorizing the Asylum at night.

Sarah never mentioned what her name was to “Amanda”, who eventually found it out after a nurse as the Asylum mentioned it on Halloween night. It was then that “Amanda” brutally killed Sarah. The Dark Killer de-possessed “Amanda” and left the Asylum quickly. Amanda, back to normal self, was confused by what had happened. The shock of loosing the past few months and the claiming that she had killed all her friends, put her into shock. She awoke three days later and has remained silent for the rest of her time there.

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