Rachel Martini

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Rachel Martini
Born Rachel Luenza Martini
(1883-01-22)January 22, 1883
New York City, NY
Died August 2, 1930(1930-08-02) (aged 47)
Martini Farm, New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Murdered
Killer Stewart Filcher/Dark Killer
Spouse(s) Roberto Martini
Children Stewart Filcher (son)
Francis Martini (son)

Rachel Martini is the mother of Stewart Filcher aka The Dark Killer.


Early Days

Born in New York City, Rachel was abandoned at the age of 3 after her father left and her mother killed herself, leaving her to wander the city until finally leaving in 1890.

First Child

After traveling the country side for almost a decade, she met an older man in 1899 who impregnated her and left her for dead in Pennsylvania. It was there that she birthed, by herself, her first son Stewart. She raised Stewart herself on the road as she wandered from place to place.

Helping A Family

Rachel and Stewart were taken in by a family outside of Uniontown, Pennsylvania sometime in 1909 where she became their maid. One evening in 1912, the husband of the family attempted to rape Rachel in her sleep. Rachel fought back and killed the husband just as his wife rushed in. Rachel in a moment of rage killed the wife as well. Not wanting anyone to find out, she buries the bodies under the floorboards of the house. Pretending nothing happened, Rachel continues living in the house for another 3 months until the townsfolk’s got suspicious and stormed the house.

Arrival In New Prairie

Rachel and Stewart then vanished from sight for another 6 years until surfacing in New Prairie in 1918. Rachel met Roberto Martini and wed him later that year. Gave birth to Francis Martini a few short months later.

Last saw her son Stewart in 1925 after their house burnt to the ground. Moved with Roberto to a chunk of land a few miles outside of town where the two built a farm to live on. Farmed and lived a semi-happy life for the next 5 years. Was murdered in 1930 by Stewart, now the Dark Killer, who hid the bodies within the house itself. Two months later, the townspeople and police find their bodies.

Is buried in Oak Park Cemetery with her husband Roberto.

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