Robert Parks

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Robbert Parks
Born Robert Lloyd Parks
(1976-08-03)August 3, 1976
New Prairie, WI
Died August 18, 1995(1995-08-18) (aged 19)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Murdered
Killer Dark Killer
Other names Robb
School New Prairie High
Year 1991 to 1995

Robert Parks was part of the infamous Teen Massacres of 1995. Found with a slit throat, hanging by his ankle in one of the sheds on the Martini Farm.


The Teen Massacre

According to survivor Sarah Cole, Robb was thought by a few to be behind the murders up until his body was found in the carport, not the shed as the police claim they found him. He was with Robert "SBob" Smith when he came up missing and was with Joseph Martin and Nate Jackson when they were killed.

Prior to the events at the Martini Farm, Robb always held a small fascination with the place and seemed to know more than a simple fan should. Though never seeming to have any murderous tendencies, he did however on one occasion have an episode while out with Catherine Hicks and Elizabeth Abbott. The three of them were driving past Oak Park Cemetery when suddenly Robb silenced in mid speech and started convulsing in the backseat. Catherine pulled the vehicle over, stopping a very short distance away from the entrance to the cemetery, and attempted to find a way to help her friend. Opening the back door, Robb sprung upright in his seat and grabbed ahold of her neck. While strangling her, he shouted in some unintelligible babble.

Elizabeth later noticed that the wind eerily started blowing harder and a rumble of thunder was heard overhead, on a night that was otherwise clear skies and breezeless. In fear of Robb killing Catherine, Elizabeth took Catherine's purse and hit Robb over the head. He immediately ceased from choking her and let go, eyes wide and shocked at what he was doing. Catherine, gasping for air, backed from the vehicle and turned away from the car. Between gasps, she glanced up at the cemetery, and later swore to see a figure standing staring back at her. The figure was only there for a moment before it receded into the shadows and vanished. Robb couldn’t explain his act, nor could the two girls.

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