Catherine Hicks

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Catherine Hicks
Born Catherine Michaela Hicks
(1976-08-25)August 25, 1976
New Prairie, WI
Died August 18, 1995(1995-08-18) (aged 18)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Murdered
Killer Dark Killer
Other names Cat
School New Prairie High
Year 1991 to 1995

Catherine Hicks was murdered as part of the Teen Massacres of 1995, found with her neck twisted in the courtyard of the Martini Farm.


Father is co-owner of Hicks & Abbott Architectural Firm.

Two days after her body was found, it disappeared from the morgue. After an exhausting search by the police, no trace of it was ever found. However, a week after the disappearance of her body, her parents filed a report claiming that while out for a walk trying to calm themselves from everything that had happened, they were approached by a girl resembling Cat. She was wet and her skin a rather pale green shade. She moved towards them asking for help, but the two retreated scared.

As they turned the corner they heard her scream out “S.F.! S.F.!” When they looked back to her, she’d vanished from sight. Upon hearing their report, most members of the police force ruled it off as a delusion the parents were experiencing from the loss of their oldest daughter.

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