Sarah Cole

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Sarah Cole
Born Sarah Catherine Cole
(1977-01-23)January 23, 1977
New Prairie, WI
Died October 31, 1995(1995-10-31) (aged 18)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Murdered
Killer Amanda Mendel
(Possessed by Dark Killer)
School New Prairie High
Year 1991 to 1995

One of the two survivors of the Teen Massacres of 1995.


The First Teen Massacre

Sarah attended the part with friends Elizabeth Abbott, Joel Boyer, Keith Dean, Claire Fonnerelli, Catherine Hicks, Nate Jackson, Geoff Jenks, Joseph Martin, Robert Parks, Robert Smith and Matt Tyler. The party was at the famous Martini Farm, a supposedly haunted farm house south of town. The group ordered pizzas and started drinking early in the day as part of their last days together before going off to college. Sara was inside the house enjoying the party when the power went off. When Robert Smith went missing after looking for the power box, the party split up to look for him, fearing for his safety. As they split up, the Dark Killer started attacking and killing them one by one.

Sarah met back up with Cat and Joe after narrowly avoiding a one-on-one encounter with the Dark Killer. The three found Elizabeth, secretly possesed by the Dark Killer. Together, the four attempted to find a way to get out of the farm by killing the Dark Killer. In the process, Elizabeth killed Joe, revealing her true identity. Cat and Sarah attacked Elizabeth by pushing her off the second floor of a barn. Thinking the Dark Killer was finished, Cat and Sarah celebrated momentarily, but was abruptly interupted by the Killer returning. Sarah, having found a weapon in one of the sheds, uses it on the Killer after he murders Cat. The weapon takes down the Dark Killer long enough to allow Sarah out of the farm's boundries. She flagged down a car and was taken back into town.

Trial & Committed

Arriving at the New Prairie Police Department, Sarah tried convincing the police about what had happened out on the farm. Lt. Jake Morris sent patrolmen out to the farm where they found the murdered bodies of all Sarah's friends. Reporting back, Lt. Morris' opinion of Sarah changed and attempted to get her to confess to the killing of her friends. Sarah continued putting the blame on the Dark Killer, whom Lt. Morris refused to believe was real. After tricking her into a confession, she was put under arrest.

A court trial was started for Sarah being the sole killer behind the murders and was found guilty due to her constant accusation of the Dark Killer. She was sentenced to undergo treatment at Rhenderelli Asylum.

Final Days

Her story drew the attention of Jack Ridley who believed she was telling the truth. Jack visited Sarah numerous times over the course of the next three months while trying to find a way to acquit her of the crime. Sarah had become friends with Amanda Mendel, the survivor of the second set of teen murders. When inmates and staff members at the asylum started turning up dead, Sarah figured out that the victim's all had the name Sarah in common between them (whether it was their first or middle names).

On October 31, 1995 a storm took out the power to the Asylum. While trying to escape the asylum, she stopped to get Amanda who turned and killed Sarah using a large spike. During the killing, Amanda revealed that she was actually the Dark Killer possessing Amanda's body.

Sarah died before she could get any medical help but was acquitted of her crimes after three nurses came forward as eyewitnesses to the Dark Killer existing. Sarah was buried in Oak Park Cemetery near her friends who were also killed in the massacres.

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