Jonathan Rupert

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Jack Rupert
Born Johnathan Samuel Rupert
(1965-02-28)February 28, 1965
Boston, MA
Died December 25, 2027(2027-12-25) (aged 62) invalid year
Hazdon Insutries
Other names Jack
Occupation Business owner
Associates Mitchell Falcone
Title President, CEO

Jack Rupert was the owner and head of Hazdon Industries.


College & Forest Age Products

Attended Harvard for business management and law from 1980 to 1986 at the age of 15. Graduated with honors at the age of 21 and opened his own corporation, Forest Age Products which dealt primarily with electronics. In 1987, Jack ran into college friend Mitchell Falcone in New Prairie. Mithcell convinced Jack to help with the company by suggesting concepts to make it grow.

As the company grew, Jack realized the potential for greater technological advancements and bought newer and bigger buildings until Forest Age had reached a multi-million dollar corporation in early 1990’s.

Hazdon Industries

With the growth of the company, Jack saw bigger and better things for his company and proceeded to expand. The groundwork on a new building started in 1991, and a formal name change to Hazdon Industries happened shortly after. Jack and Mitchell's friendship strained as the years went by, causing arguments to happen daily. During a heated argument, Jack fires Mitchell from the company in late 1994.

The End

In 2025, Ian Grada comes to Jack with his time travel device, a product that he had been attempting to create for years to no success. During the meeting, Jack's men attempt to steal the device after Grada refuses to hand over the rights to it.

In December 2027, Jack killed himself in his office building, atop of the Hazdon building. His body is found three days later by the cleaning crew.

Character Connections


At this point in time, the character does not appear in any published works.