Janine Foxx

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Janine Foxx
Born Janine Harman Foxx
(1945-09-10)September 10, 1945
Bedford Falls, NY
Died October 21, 1972(1972-10-21) (aged 27)
Seattle, WA
Cause of death Drug overdose
Children Jackson Foxx (son)

Janine Foxx was the mother of Jackson Foxx and long time friend of James Anderton.


Met James Anderton at the age of 9 and the two stayed good friends until 1960 when her family decided to move to Rutherford, New York. Janine was unable to tell James of their sudden moving, leaving him behind.

Birth of Jackson

In 1962, gave birth to her only son, Jackson, who was conceived during a New Years Eve party with William Hoyt. Janine had awaken and left the party prior to Hoyt awakening. Embarrassed by her one night stand, Janine never spoke of it again nor told Jackson who his real father was.

Back with James

In 1969, Janine ran into James Anderton again as she was walking past the city police station. The two went back to her apartment, where she introduced James to her son Jackson, and the talked for hours about their lives since they last saw one another. During the night, their childhood dream of going to the west coast got brought up.

Moving to Seattle and Her Death

A few weeks later, after James had completed a job he had to do, the two decided to fulfill their childhood dreams and move to Seattle, Washington where they shared an apartment together. They remained strictly friends until Janine died of a drug overdose in 1972. Her son Jackson was raised by Anderton.

She was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Seattle, Washington.

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