Anthony Zuitco, Sr

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Anthony Zuitco, Sr.
Born Anthony Bono Zuitco, Sr.
(1923-08-25)August 25, 1923
Queens, NY
Died May 19, 1969(1969-05-19)
Greenwich Village NY
Cause of death Shot
Killer James Anderton
Occupation Grocer
Children Anthony Zuitco, Jr.
Family Francesca Zuitco

Anthony Zuitco, Sr. was the father of famed hitman/bodyguard Anthony Zuitco, Jr.


Killed by a lone gun man while out getting groceries. Was visited by VINNIE SPORTIEN a week before his murder to discuss the buying of his grocery store. Refused VINNIE and sent him on his way. Upon his refusal, VINNIE hired JAMES ANDERTON To kill both ANTHONY and his wife and son. ANDERTON did so, but was unable to find ANTHONY JR and so fled.