James Anderton

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James Anderton
Born James Harley Anderton
March 14, 1946
Union City, NY
Died October 24, 1995(1995-10-24) (aged 49)
Seattle, WA
Killer Anthony Zuitco, Jr
Occupation Scientist
Associates Vinnie Sportien
Flemenco T. Chille
Children Jackson Foxx (Adopted Son)

Abandoned at the age of 3. Lived in an orphanage from 1949 to 1952, until he ran away. Lived in Queens, New York from 1952 until 1969. While living on his own, he met and became friends with Janine Foxx. Over the years, the two shared a common dream of going to live out on the west coast.

In the early 60’s, the two dropped out of touch with one another. Was arrested numerous times for the petty crimes he committed. James was hired by Vinnie Sportien to rid of Anthony Zuitco, Sr and Fransesca Zuitco for him in 1969. James did so, but had no idea the two’s son survived the murder.

A short time later, he was arrested and forced to confess the location of Vinnie's main headquarters to the police. After confessing, he was let go. Exiting the police station, he ran into Janine again and the two got to talking about their lives. She told him of her son, Jackson and how she had been alone for almost 7 years now. The two agreed they wanted to leave the area and decided to fulfill their childhood dreams of moving to the west coast. They moved to Seattle, Washington and shared a home together.

Three years later, Janine died of a drug overdose, leaving Jackson in the care of James, who willing took over being his father. In the early 80’s Jackson moved out of James' home to live out his life in Seattle, but maintained constant contact with him. During this time, James went to school and onto college where he earned a science degree and numerous awards over the years for his breakthroughs and was published in numerous magazines as well.

James would tell stories to Jackson about his time working for Vinnie Sportien in Brooklyn and how over the years, kept a secret contact with a man named Flemenco T. Chille, which he helped develop a formula with.

In 1995, Anthony Zuitco, Jr was tipped off to the truth about his parent's death and James' location in Seattle. He arrives and confronted James for one final time, ultimately beating and shooting him before setting his house on fire, leaving him inside. James died in the fire being unable to escape.

He was buried in Mt Pleasant Cemetery in Seattle, Washington, next to Janine.

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