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The New Prairie Universe is fairly open to additions. The point of the open style is to allow everyone the most possible creativity.

-- BUT --

There are rules to keep everything in order. And they are the following:

New Characters

  1. You Have Free Reign...Sorta: New characters can be added at any point in the established timeline. It's highly encouraged (but not required) that characters can connect or meet other established characters in the world. Think of it like LOST where everyone's story is connect even if in a minor way. It's okay if your story is a detective noir style mystery and the character that you have is someone from a teenage comedy. As long as it doesn't break anything established with that other character you're great!
  2. Non-Human Characters Are Okay: Obviously humans are the main focus of the characters within the New Prairie Universe, however that doesn't mean you can't have creatures in your stories. Characters like Gravestone (undead crime fighter), Sampson (super power former human), Dark Killer (possessed, undead, supernatural being), Damien Quidd (vampire) and Niccia (spirit that haunts a necklace) are some examples. Due to the CAPES storyline starting in 2008, a formula made to create the capes has also been tested on animals creating a small collection of weird animal mutants/human hybrids. These are perfectly acceptable as well.

Existing Characters

  1. Don't Go Changing Origins: For the most part if a character already has an established backstory, it shouldn't be changed. (ie If Vinnie Sportien is born in Brooklyn, don't write a story where now he's born in Miami). For the most part character backstories that are defined have been done so for a reason.
  2. No Backstory, No Problem: If there's a character with no backstory and it's not specified that the backstory is intentionally left unknown, feel free to create and add to it! Just be sure that any established points work with your newly developed backstory, as to not have continuity.
  3. Fleshing Out The Middle Bits: While you can't change the origins of characters, it doesn't mean you can't elaborate upon the time in between. If your story has a character working for Hazdon Industries, you can easily have them run across Jack Rupert (the owner of the company) or Mitchell Falcone if it takes place at a certain point in the timeline. Or perhaps it's a character whose established timeline is "and they worked at this company for 15 years before the next established plot point", feel free to add stories in that span of time.

New Places/Locations

  1. New locations can be added at any time.
  2. Types of locations can be anything: restaurants, general stores, department stores, gas stations, banks, etc.

Existing Places

  1. If a place has an established history of how it was founded, it can not be changed.

Timeline Stuff

  1. The timeline is structured to have events broken down to specific dates. This is done due to the overwhelmingly large number of events that happen over the years and since many events cross with others.
  2. Your events don't have to happen on an existing day. New days can be added, but existing dates CAN NOT be removed.
  3. There is an Alternate Timeline in the universe that has been mentioned in a few works. The events of the timeline have not been established outside of those mentions and is purposefully left vague. If you have an idea for a story that you feel better suits the Alternate Timeline, contact Jeff to discuss.