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Born Niccia
(1832-03-18)March 18, 1832
Menominee Reservation
Died October 6, 1851(1851-10-06) (physical)
March 18, 2001(2001-03-18) (spiritual)
Menominee Reservation (physical)
New Prairie (spiritual)
Cause of death Burned at the stake (physical)
Spell (spiritual)
Killer Menominee Tribes members (physical)
Jack Ridley (spiritual)
Species Ghost, Demon

Niccia was a Menominee tribes woman who after being killed returned to possess Alison Nadel.


Birth & Early Days

Niccia was originally born in 1832 on a small Menominee reservation located a few miles west of where New Prairie eventually was founded. Born as a result of an English settler rapping an Menominee woman, Niccia and her mother were practically shunned from the rest of the tribe. At the age of 6, Niccia's mother gave her a necklace to keep and then commit suicide in front of the other tribesmen as a result of their constant hatred towards the two of them. Niccia was left to live alone and fend for herself.

Her Powers Emerge

In 1848, she met a white man traveling through the area, whom she stayed with for the night. When the man tried to seduce her, she angrily fought back and with a swipe of her hand, caused a large gash to appear across his face before falling over dead. Scared and confused as to what just happened, she grabbed what valuables the man had with him and fled the scene.

Over the course of the next 3 years, she learned her “power” came from the stone necklace her mother gave her when she was younger. The necklace contained a special magic in it that slowly seeped into her body and soon she took on its characteristics even when not wearing the necklace. She started seducing travelers herself and used her powers to convince them to go with her, only to kill them and take their possessions.

Turning On Her

As time went by, villages and tribes in the area started hearing of her presence and acts and eventually the very tribe that her mother was from set a trap for her and burned her at the stake. Before she died however, she made a pact with the devil that she would return someday and her spirit was kept to the necklace she wore around her neck. The necklace survived the fire.

Niccia's Return

70 years later, the necklace made its way to a jewelry shop in Chicago where it was purchased by a man and brought to the city of New Prairie. There the man gave the necklace to his daughter and soon, the spirit possessed the girl's body. After taking some time to adjust to the “new world” she soon started back on her trek of seducing older men and taking their belongings. Niccia was found out and her spirit exorcised from the young girl and banished back to the necklace, which was then locked up solid in a stone case and buried at an unknown location.

Banished to the Lake

27 years later, a construction crew unearthed the stone case while building a highway through the area and returned it to the town authorities. With no previous knowledge of the stone case, besides the ranting of a “crazed inmate” at Rhenderelli Asylum, the case was open and the necklace was taken by the then mayor Alfonzo DelFanni and given to his teenage daughter. Niccia’s spirit was released and possessed the body of Lucia DelFanni, causing her to start back up the practice of robbing and thieving. Lucia/Niccia nearly killed her own father during an argument that led her, Alfonzo and three of the town’s policemen to the roof of the town hall. Lucia/Niccia stood on the ledge to the building and fell backwards off. Alfonzo reached the ledge in time to see Niccia’s spirit start to flee Lucia’s body, only to be sucked back into the necklace the moment Lucia hit the ground. Alfonzo rushed down to the ground, pulled the necklace off Lucia and found she was still alive. Alfonzo handed his daughter off and sealed the necklace back into it's stone case. Carefully leaving proper instructions about the danger the necklace has caused, Alfonzo and two men took the stone case with them on a boat ride into Lake Michigan, far away from the city, where they dropped it over the side of the boat in hopes that it’s resting spot at the bottom of the lake would prevent anyone from having to suffer the same scenarios ever again.

Face to Face with the Dark Killer

There the stone case lay, until a storm in the summer of 1995 ravaged Lake Michigan and the stone case mysteriously found it’s way to the shoreline north of New Prairie. Alison Nadel came across the stone case while out with a few friends, opened it and found the necklace along with a wadded mess that once was the letter. Discarding the mess, Alison wore the necklace and came to no harm. 2 months later, the Dark Killer had attempted to kill Alison however Niccia’s spirit protected her from his murderous attempts.

Destroyed Once and For All

The new Niccia’s third return proved harder than before. She was having trouble trying to control Alison’s body, however around the first of the year of 1996, she finally managed to take total control over Alison and went back to her old ways. Niccia started committing major crimes throughout the town, which soon drew the attention of Jack Ridley.

Through closer inspection of security photographs, video footage, and eyewitness accounts, Jack recognized that the crime wave and “mysterious” happenings throughout town were connected to Niccia. Shortly after discovering this, Niccia personally confronted Jack and told him to back off or face consequences. When JACK refused to do so, Niccia killed his best friend Al then set a trap to kill Jack himself. She believed she succeeded, however Jack emerged alive and recited an incantation that pulled her spirit from Alison's body and into another dimension for good.

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