Hazdon Industries

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Hazdon Industries
Formerly called
Forest Age Products
Industry Science and Technology
Founded November 4, 1992; 30 years ago (1992-11-04) in New Prairie, WI
Founders Jack Rupert, Mitchell Falcone
Defunct May 3, 2028 (2028-05-03)
Headquarters 100 Hazdon Way
Owner Jack Rupert
Slogan "Tomorrow Is One Breakthrough Away"

Hazdon Industries is New Prairie's largest company and home to many scientific breakthroughs throughout its history.


Founded in 1992 by Mitchell Falcone and Jack Rupert. Built as part of the expanding of Forest Age Products, a company originally founded by Rupert.

Hazdon stands 30 stories high but comes close to the same height as the Derelli Towers, due to its location on top of a hill located on the southwest side of New Prairie. Main goal centers around the advancement of technology directed related to a brighter future. Co-owner Mitchell Falcone sought to branch out with Hazdon by creating influenza that would be used primarily in combat as a way to hinder the enemy forces long enough to take control of their side. Rupert's view on the matter was not as positive as Falcone had wished and eventually resulted in Rupert overpowering Falcone's abilities in the company and firing him. The conversation ended with an argument and Falcone pushing Rupert's desk out of his top story office window.

Millennium Bug Software

Banning Falcone from the premise, Rupert became the head CEO and sole owner/operator of Hazdon. However, over the next 2 years, thievery and the mysterious deaths of a few key employees nearly brought Hazdon crumbling to the ground. In 1998, reports of the “Millennium Bug” started to surface and Rupert found his calling to bring Hazdon back to number one again. He quickly gathered a small group of individuals he knew he could trust and together they started work on creating software that would prevent computer systems of all forms from breaking down or causing havoc when the new millennium turned over. Within 3 months, they had a workable prototype that soon went into testing. Testing proved that truthfully the program didn’t do all that much to prevent anything from happening. All it really did was backup your computer’s hard drive in case of an emergency reformatting. However, “Bug-Eliminator” still hit the market in February of 1999. It flew off the shelves as both homes and big businesses clamored to protect their computers and safety.

Surprised of its success, Hazdon nonetheless was back on its feet again and, by the time the millennium did hit, $4.7 billion richer. Rupert got a taste of the power he had. Soon, he created more groups of workers to create programs and other technological devices that would attract consumers into buying them even if they didn’t really do all too much.

Second Wave

By 2005, Hazdon had become the leading manufacturer of electronic devices and “Technological Breakthroughs” as TIME Magazine put it in one issue. Success and fortune gathered from the devices slowly turned Rupert's attitude from good and wholesome to greedy and dirty. In 2009, Rupert's scientists found the answer to Time Travel. However, the process was very crude and could never bring the object back once it was sent (the fact that it even did make it back was proven with a few tests of sending a letter back to 2 weeks prior and having it postmarked prior to leaving). Rupert saw his opportunity to be forever remembered with the creation of the Time Machine. He immediately wanted it to be sold to the highest bidder but due to lawyer opinions, the idea was scrapped immediately and more testing began.

Time Travel

In 2015, a man by the name of Ian Grada came to Rupert with the world’s first portable Time Machine. Rupert's attention immediately caught hold and wanted the Time Machine for study and eventually military usage. Grada saw differently and fled Hazdon immediately. Rupert sent some men to retrieve the Time Machine from Grada who had already escaped into the past. Rupert, greedy and wanting the machine for himself, spent six months trying to find where exactly Grada had traveled back to. Searching through years and years of records of companies, he was finally found in 1995. Rupert sent his men back to retrieve the Time Machine once and for all.

The Beginning of the End

In 2018, “Cape” Sampson causes a massive building collapse at Hazdon Industries, ultimately setting off a fire. He managed to save 200 people from inside, however, a half dozen perished. Three months later, Hazdon started rebuilding the damaged portion of the company.

Hazdon closed its doors in 2028 after being sued by three individuals who used one of their products and nearly killed them. The building sat empty and vacant for nearly 10 years until finally being torn down for a park named after Hazdon’s former owners: Rupecone Park.