Samantha O'Neal

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Sam O'Neal
Born Samantha Rachel O'Neal
(1967-03-09) March 9, 1967 (age 55)
Chicago, IL
Other names Sam
Spouse(s) Taylor Fanucci
Family Michael Fanucci, Jr (son)

Sam O'Neal was a surveillance expert hired by Vinnie Sportien to investigate Jerry Burr and Sonny Bellini.


In 1986, Sam was hired by Vinnie Sportien to be a surveillance expert on a person in Chicago with two other women, Cameron Marks and Lee-Lee Horton. After successfully finding more information about the man than they were hired for, Vinnie permanently hired the three girls for his personal surveillance. Due to their constant work together, Sam became good friends with Cameron and Lee-Lee and eventually moved in together in an apartment in Waukegan, Il.

Hired by Vinnie Sportien

In 1995 Vinnie hired the three to do a 24 hour surveillance watch on Sonny Bellini. Sam, who became the unofficial leader of the group, reported to Vinnie the findings on the identity of an Illinois man who was frequently visiting Sonny, which ultimately led to the death of Vinnie.

Going Separate Ways

After Vinnie died, the three women broke their group of almost 10 years and each went their separate ways. Sam moved into an apartment downtown Chicago where she took a job with Taylor Fanucci as his personal investigator.

In 2003 LEE-LEE had invited both Sam and Cameron to her wedding. Sam, happy for her friend, flew out to the wedding as soon as she got the invitation to be a bridesmaid. Arriving there, she found that Cameron was a no show. Curious as to why her friend missed the wedding, Sam attempted to find her after the wedding. Through her connections with her now fiance Taylor Fanucci, she searched the countryside for Cameron but came up empty handed.

Sam married Taylor in 2005. Early 2006 the two had their first child, Michael.

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