Lisa Horton

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Lee-Lee Horton
Born Lisa Eliza Horton
(1967-09-09) September 9, 1967 (age 55)
Chicago, IL
Other names Lee-Lee
Occupation Photographer
Spouse(s) Jake Lapot

Lee-Lee Horton was a photographer and surveillance expert who worked with Vinnie Sportien.


Lee-Lee dropped out of high school when she was 16 and immediately started working a photographer's aide at the Chicago Tribune.

Hired by Vinnie Sportien

Was hired by Vinnie Sportien in 1986 to be a surveillance girl on a person in Chicago with two other girls, Sam O’Neal and Cameron Marks. After successfully finding more information about the man than they were hired for, Vinnie permanently hired the three girls. Soon the three girls became good friends with one another and eventually moved in together in an apartment in Waukegan, Il. There the three were on call by Vinnie whenever he needed their spying skills.

Investigating Sonny Bellini

In 1995, Vinnie Sportien enlisted the girls in a 24 hour surveillance watch on Sonny Bellini. It was Lee-Lee that noticed the Illinois plates on the vehicle that showed itself at Sonny’s on numerous occasions, after taking the photograph herself.

After Vinnie Sportien died, the three girls broke their group of almost 10 years and each went their separate ways. Lee-Lee took her photography skills and used them to make money, doing photography for magazines, advertisements, briefly working as a crime scene photographer and eventually landing a job as a still photographer in Hollywood. It was there that she met Chandler Bingham and worked on two of his films.

Family Life

In 2003 she got engaged to a talent agent Jake Lapot and later that year the two married. Both Sam and Cameron were invited to the wedding to be bridesmaids, however only Sam showed. Unfortunately the marriage didn't last and in early 2006, Lee-Lee and Jake divorced.

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