Cameron Marks

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Cameron Marks
Born Cameron Meredith Marks
(1968-09-01)September 1, 1968
Chicago, IL
Disappeared March 1, 1996 (aged 27)
Status Missing for 26 years, 7 months and 2 days
Occupation Reconnaissance
Associates Samantha O'Neal
Lisa Horton

Cameron Marks was a hired associate of Vinnie Sportien.


Cameron was hired by Vinnie Sportien in 1986 to be a surveillance girl on a person in Chicago with two other girls, Samantha O'Neal and Lisa Horton. After successfully finding more information about the man than they were hired for, Sportien permanently hired the three girls. Soon the three became good friends and eventually moved in together in an apartment in Waukegan, Il. There the three were on call by Sportien whenever he needed their spying skills.

Working For Sportien

In 1995, Vinnie enlisted the girls in a 24 hour surveillance watch on Sonny Bellini. Cameron’s resources through the DMV made it quick access to run a check on the plates and find they belonged to Lt. Jake Calvin. After Vinnie Sportien died, the three girls broke their group of almost 10 years and each went their separate ways.

Moving On and Gone Missing

Cameron moved to Montana after being contacted by an unknown woman and once there, no one heard from her again. In 2003 Lisa Horton had invited both Cameron and Samantha O'Neal to her wedding. She sent a letter to the address Cameron left with her before the trio split. The letter arrived back to Horton two months after the wedding.

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