Michael Fanucci

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Michael Fanucci
Born Michael Phillip Fanucci
(1951-10-22)October 22, 1951
Chicago, Ill
Died October 24, 1995(1995-10-24) (aged 44)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Multiple Gunshots
Killer Vinnie Sportien's Henchman
Occupation Business Owner, Mob Boss
Spouse(s) Taylor Fanucci's Mother
Children Taylor Fanucci (Son)
Family Bruno Fanucci (Father)
Helen Fanucci (Mother)
Steven Fanucci (Brother)

Michael Fanucci was a business owner, Chicago mob leader, and son of Bruno Fanucci.


Death of His Mother and Brother

Raised in a life surrounded by mob dealings and mischievous acts. Mother, Helen Fanucci, and younger brother Steven were murdered in 1971 at their house. Michael became angry, hateful, and rampant after the death of his mother and brother, vowing to get revenge on the man who ordered the hit. At the age of 23 was tipped by an anonymous lead, where the man was living. Michael set out to confront the man, but his father demanded he go with. The two agreed to meet at the corner of East Monroe and Wabash, across from the Henry Voldement Warehouse. Bruno never showed up.

Michael went on without his father to confront the murderer, but was too late. The man was tipped off that Michael was coming and hung himself in his bathroom. Michael, now furious he didn’t personally bring down the man, storms for his father’s penthouse. Upon arriving, he hears gunshots ring out and bursts down the door to find his father clutching his chest and bleeding to death. Bruno dies in his arms without saying a word. Soon afterward, the police show up and frame Michael for the death of his father citing the bullet came from his gun. Michael spends the next 5 years in prison until his lawyers get him out on bail.

Out of Prison and Revenge

Once out, Michael starts a personal vendetta to find the murderer of his father and bring him to justice. While his hunt continues, Michael regains control of his father’s empire and starts making a name for himself. His hunt comes to a close when he comes across photographs of his father’s building taken for a magazine the day of his death that shows a man looking like his father’s ex-bodyguard Dorian Haff leaving the building in a hurry. Michael contacts him and the two “chat” upon the roof of his father's old penthouse, which ends with Dorian asking Michael to kill him because he deserves it. Michael tells him he’d rather see him in jail for life than murder him and starts walking away. Michael changes his mind, flips around and fires 3 shots into Dorian, which send him over the side of the building. Michael is cleared of all charges when police find a signed confession from Dorian in his apartment.

Secret Child

In 1974, Michael's only son Taylor is born in secret. Immediately after his birth, Michael has him driven 100 miles outside of town to a private residence and hidden from the public.

Taking Over the Empire

Michael continued his reign of Chicago, growing stronger and being feared by more people and organizations than his father ever dreamed to be. In 1986, Michael hears of Vinnie Sportien from New Prairie, who’s starting to make a name for himself. Hating the concept that anyone else could remotely be as powerful or feared as he is, he confronts Vinnie and asks for a “partnership”. Michael will get a few things for Vinnie along with putting his name out into public in exchange for acquiring whatever he needs for current/future jobs or plans. Vinnie, greedy to revive the name he once had agrees and the two start a rocky friendship. Over the years, Michael abuses his relationship with Vinnie and soon the “friendship” becomes a mutual hatred between the two.

Final Confrontation with Vinnie Sportien

In 1995, Michael decides to expand the drug distribution in the southern part of Chicago and demands Vinnie to get him 60 kilos of cocaine to do so. After the two discuss their deal, Michael receives word that Vinnie's planning something. He later informs the police anonymously of Vinnie's secrets and the fact that he’s getting cocaine for a “plan of his”. Upon arriving at Rillo's Quarry to receive the 60 kilos, Vinnie and his men ambush Michael. Before Michael dies he informs Vinnie that he told the police about him. Vinnie's henchman finishes Michael off with a shot to the head.

Michael’s body was found 2 days later in his father’s penthouse, in the same room his father was murdered in. The official police report showed that Michael committed suicide though many police expected it to be murder. Michael’s funeral was held 8 days later, on his birthday at the Bohemian National Cemetery.

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