Bruno Fanucci

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Bruno Fanucci
Born Bruno Fanucci
(1929-04-15)April 15, 1929
Chicago, Ill
Died June 9, 1974(1974-06-09) (aged 45)
Chicago, Ill
Cause of death Gunshots to the Chest
Killer Dorian Haff
Occupation Business Owner, Mob Boss
Associates Carol Hartington (Secretary)
Children Michael Fanucci (Son)
Steven Fanucci (Son)

Bruno Fanucci was a business owner, mob leader, and father of Michael Fanucci.


Family Life

Married Helen Fanucci in 1950 and in 1951 had their first son, Michael. Five years later, their second son Steven was born.

Family Murdered and Betrayal

In 1968, Bruno's secretary Carol Hartington started leaking information about Bruno's inner-workings to his rival gang. Over the next three years, Carol realizes her mistake and tries to rectify it by giving false information to the rival gang in hopes it will help Bruno get an edge on killing them and taking over. When the false information is found out by the rival gang head, he orders Carol to be killed. Helen and Steven are mistaken for Carol and Michael, and both are killed.

In June of 1974, Michael is given an anonymous tip of where his mother and brothers killer is. While gone, Bruno talks to his head bodyguard Dorian Haff about how upset he is over his wife and child's death and how he feels he can't go on any longer. Dorian mistakes this comment and shoots Bruno twice in the chest, killing him.

Michael returning home from trying to find his mother's killer and find his father dead.

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