Dorian Haff

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Dorian Haff
Born Dorian Manser Haff
(1932-08-04)August 4, 1932
Galway, Ireland
Died July 2, 1980(1980-07-02) (aged 47)
Chicago, IL
Cause of death Falling From Building
Killer Michael Fanucci
Occupation Bodygaurd
Associates Bruno Fanucci

Dorian Haff was the bodyguard of Bruno Fanucci.


Originally from Ireland, Dorian moved to the states in 1951. Became main bodyguard to Bruno Fanucci 1954.

In late 1971, Dorian quit working for Bruno, citing differences and a growing hatred for what they were doing and dropped out of sight shortly afterwards. In 1974 he murdered Bruno and attempted to blame Michael Fanucci for the killing.

9 years later, Dorian was confronted by Michael, recently released from jail, and he confessed everything about the killing. He begged Michael to kill him because he’d turned into something he never intended to be, but Michael refused at first. Then changed his mind and fired three shots into Dorian’s back and sent him falling over the railing of Bruno’s building and onto the street below.

Dorian’s death was ruled a suicide after police found a “suicide note” in his apartment.

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