Carol Hartington

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Carol Hartington
Born Carol Josie Hartington
(1942-06-16)June 16, 1942
Chicago, IL
Died November 23, 1971(1971-11-23) (aged 29)
Chicago, IL
Cause of death Shot
Killer Bruno Fanucci rival gang
Occupation Secretary

Carol Hartington was the secretary of Bruno Fanucci and leaked confidential information to Bruno's rival gang.


Carol became secretary to Bruno Fanucci in 1959. During her time she would occasionally take Bruno’s son Michael down to the park so he could play. Her connection with Michael made her a close family friend outside of her job.

Carol was faithful until a rival mob leader offered her a generous deal to slip occasional plans/secrets to him so they could get an edge on Bruno and his business. After some time, Carol began having second thoughts about what she had done. Carol decided to give false information to the revival gang in hopes of helping Bruno get an edge on the gang. However the rival gang found out about her lies and was targeted to be murdered in 1971. The rival mob leader thought he’d kill two birds with one stone by killing both Carol and Bruno's son Michael in hopes of crippling the giant. Instead, the assassin mistook Bruno’s wife Helen and son Steven for Carol and Michael.

Carol avoided the assassination but was killed 2 days later in an elevator on the way home from work one night.

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