Taylor Fanucci

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Taylor Fanucci
Born Taylor Paul Fanucci
(1974-03-29) March 29, 1974 (age 48)
Chicago, Ill
Occupation Fanucci Mob Leader
Associates Andre Silvino (bodyguard)
Spouse(s) Samantha O'Neal (wife)
Children Michael (son)
Relatives Bruno Fanucci (Grandfather)
Helen Fanucci (Grandmother)
Steven Fanucci (Uncle)
Family Michael Fanucci (father)

Taylor Fanucci was the secret son of Michael Fanucci and future head of the Fanucci empire.


His birth was secret and very few people knew about his existence. Mere hours after his birth, he and his mother were flown to a small town some 100 miles northwest of Chicago. It wasn’t until his father died in 1995, that he came into public view in which he was the heir to the Chicago empire. Upon taking over the business, he hired bodyguard Andrew Silvino for protection.

In 1996, Taylor sought revenge for his father's death by sending a group of hired goons to New Prairie and wipe out what remained of Vinnie Sportien's business and family. The goons killed Jerry Burr, Maria Sportien, and Michael Partoni as well as burned the Sportien house to the ground.

In 2005, Taylor married Samantha O'Neal and the next year the two had their first child, named after his father Michael.

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