Lillian Cook

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Lilly Cook
Born Lillian Cook
(1985-09-20) September 20, 1985 (age 37)
New Prairie, WI
Associates Jack Ridley
School James T. Welks High School
Year 1999 to 2003

Lilly helped lead Jack Ridley to Victoria Quidd when she was attempting to resurrect Damien Quidd in 2004. Lilly also formed the New Prairie Chapter of the Waxgirl! International Fan Club.

Lilly And Waxgirl!

At the age of 13, she started becoming obsessed with [Waxgirl!]] and in 1999 formed the New Prairie Chapter of the Waxgirl! International Fan Club and appointed herself president.


Meeting With A Vampire

In 2004 Lilly and her three friends Marette Stewart, Nathan Crone and Isabella Koontz gathered for a night hanging out by a fire near Rillo's Quarry when they were attacked by a vampire goon belonging to the growing army of Damien Quidd. After fleeing from the goon, Isabella was soon attacked and murdered as well. Lilly headed to the police station and told her story of what happened. After a few hours of interrogation, the police finally went out to the park and found the dead body of Isabella. A short time later, Lilly was introduced to Jack Ridley who didn’t believe her story about the vampire. Deciding she needed to convince him, she went to his house and questioned why he didn’t believe her. Within a few hours, Jack turned his opinion on the attack and realized that it was a step in the resurrection of Quidd. While at Jack's house, Lilly is kidnapped and Lilly is knocked out by Victoria Quidd. When Jack from being knock unconscious, he tells Lilly to go get Waxgirl! while he attempts to save Mari.

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