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Notable members Sampson, Clive Kaden
Inherent abilities Varies

Capes are primarily a genetically created individual with super human abilities.


For centuries throughout the world, individuals have shown signs of "super powers". While most of these powers are attributed to magic, posession, or otherwise supernatural causes, they are naturally based occurrences. The term for and subsequent classification of a "cape" originated in New Prairie around the mid 2000's by the press when a sudden influx of individuals and citizens started showing signs of powers and abilities.

The creation of the "capes" species originated from a formula created in 1988 by Mitchell Falcone (co-owner of Hazdon Industries, who while visiting Rhenderelli Asylum came across Clarissa Thaems, a girl who had been in a deep coma for over 15 years. Jumping immediately at the chance to help the girl, he stated to the press that he would single handily create a cure for her disease and bring her out of her coma before Fall. With a deadline looming, Mitchell quickly realized he had bitten off more than he could chew and soon found himself struggling to find a cure that would work. With the aid of some untrustworthy individuals, Mitchell acquired a vial of blood said to contain superpower infused DNA. Using it as a base, he was able to create a formula and chemical injection to test on Clarissa. Once used, it cured her and brought her out of her coma, however a few weeks later she started showing a side effect that ultimately caused her skin to take on wax-like properties.

The formula soon became much sought after by companies and individuals wanting to buy it for their own use. During the summer of 1995 and after numerous failed attempts at purchasing the formula, Steven Haast (owner of Haast Enterprises) hired individuals to steal it from the vaults at Hazdon. The heist was not successful and in the end Haast was only able to acquire a single page of the printed formula. For the next 12 years, Haast has a small group of scientists attempt to recreate the rest of the formula based on the information they have.

In 2007 they finally are able to replicate it the best they can and start testing it on animals with mixed results. Impatient to do further refining of the formula, Haast starts plans for human subjects but dies before he's able to see them out. After his death, the scientists Haast worked with lead by the second in command, continue the test work on humans by doing secret tests on the public. They start releasing the formula through aresol sprays, injecting it into food products serves at local restaurants, and go as far as getting doctors to administer it through needle injections, all while not informing the subjects.

Individuals affected by the tests start reacting to the formula in different ways, ultimately creating the first "capes" in New Prairie.


The abilities one showcases is different from person to person. The makeup of the formula reacts with the individual's own chemical makeup and often cures some ailment they have but with the side effect of causing some new issue.

Some of the more common abilities include:

  • Telekinesis
  • Mind control
  • Super strength
  • Night vision

Opposition to Powers

While the formula testing was successful on hundreds of individuals, only a select few decided to become publicly known by stating they wished to "fight crime" or "make a difference in the city". Most with their newly discovered powers stayed relatively hidden from the general public, only using them for their own entertainment or day to day lives. Others still were repulsed by their new abilities and kept them hidden from the public entirely.

Known Capes