Alison Nadel

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Aly Nadel
Born Alison Lois Nadel
(1973-02-27) February 27, 1973 (age 49)
New Prairie, WI
Occupation Pizza Delivery
School New Prairie High
Year 1988 to 1992

Alison Nadel was a pizza delivery girl thought to be killed by the Dark Killer but was possessed by the spirit Niccia.


Shortly after graduating high school in 1992, Aly took a job at Partone's Restaurant as a pizza delivery girl.

Boyfriends Death

In 1995, Aly, her boyfriend and a few friends headed to an area north of town along the shoreline to hang out. While there, Aly spotted a weird shaped rock which he boyfriend proceeded to grab for her, only to slip and break his neck on the jagged rocks. They rushed him to the hospital, only to have him die on the way. Aly returned to the shoreline, only to find the weird rock actually was a chest that contained the necklace belonging to Niccia. Not knowing it’s true powers, she started wearing the necklace as a reminder of her boyfriend.

Run In with the Dark Killer

A few months later, Aly took an order of pizzas out to the Martini Farm. While there, she was confronted by the Dark Killer who chased her through the farmland. Managing to loose him for a short time, he reappeared and threw her onto a large branch that spiked straight through her body. Thinking he had killed her, he turned his back only to find her pulling herself off the branch of the tree. He went to attack her again, only to have Niccia’s spirit take over completely and stop his attacks. Niccia speaks the Dark Killer’s real name, to which he realizes who he’s dealing with. He momentarily stopped her and vanished. Niccia now fully in control of Aly's body, takes off for the city on foot, leaving her car behind.

Resurfacing & De-Possession

A year after Aly was last seen, a woman with her credit card purchased an outfit at Harlem Clothes. After that, numerous mysterious robberies and thefts happen throughout the city.

It isn’t until 2001 that Aly is de-possessed of the spirit of Niccia by Jack Ridley and returns to her former self.

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