Maggie Sporteino

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Maggie Sporteino
Born Margaret Mae Loveland
(1956-09-07)September 7, 1956
New Prairie, WI
Died July 22, 1975(1975-07-22) (aged 18)
New Prairie, WI
Cause of death Complications during childbirth
Other names Maggie
Occupation Waitress
Spouse(s) Vinnie Sporteino (husband)
Children Maria Margaret Sporteino (daughter)
Relatives Maria Lorenzo Sporteino (mother-in-law)
Vito Sporteino (father-in-law)
School New Prairie High
Year 1970 - 1974

Maggie Sporteino was the wife and only love of Vinnie Sporteino.


Meeting Vinnie

During high school, Maggie worked at Partone's Restaurant as a waitress. A few weeks after graduating from high school, she met Vinnie Sporteino who recently came to New Prairie from New York. Maggie ended up being his waitress for the night, and as it progressed the two started talking more and more. Vinnie continued ordering food and drinks just so he could keep their conversation going. Soon, the restaurant had to close for the evening and the two parted.

Over the night few months, Vinnie started visiting the restaurant on a regular basis specifically to see Maggie and by the end of September, the two started dating.

Marriage & Having A Baby

In early December, Vinnie proposed to Maggie and she accepted. The two celebrated the holidays together and married February 27, 1975. In the middle of March, the two find that Maggie is three months pregnant and start planning their family and future together. Maggie suggests using Vinnie's mother name for their daughter, while Vinnie suggests using Maggie's. The two compromise and decide to name their child Maria Maggie Sporteino.

Death & Funneral

On July 22, 1975, Maria went into labor a full month and a half early. After rushing to the hospital, Maggie gave birth to Maria but suffered complications during the childbirth and died.

Vinnie gave Maggie the most extravagant funeral possible and buried her atop the tallest hill in Oak Park Cemetary overlooking the city.